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3 fashionable treatments cleansing the body of toxins. Are they effective?

3 fashionable treatments cleansing the body of toxins. Are they effective?3 fashionable treatments cleansing the body of toxins. Are they effective?
Popular cleansing treatment: Hydrokolonoskopia, Vitafon and Body Detox promise to quickly remove toxins from the body. Are these methods are effective and safe? See, what about purifying treatments experts say.

Cleansing treatment: hydrocolonotherapy, or bowel lavage

Hydrocolonotherapy Performed is using modern equipment. The treatment Consists of leaching from the intestine using hot water and residual nutrients and toxic substances. Allows 'clean up' entire colon length of nearly 2 m, in contrast enema Which purified only 20 cm long end portion of the intestine. The removal of nutrient deposits gives the impression of lightness, rounding the abdomen reduces (but does not help in weight loss), temporarily Removes bloating, Improves mood. A few days before the procedure you need to use slightly palatable diet. Each time it is Necessary lavage is the intake of probiotics is restore the intestinal flora.

What is the treatment?

The procedure is Performed in a lying position. Inserted into the rectum, two soft plastic tube (disposable). For one of These flows slowly into the colon sterile water at body temperature of the patient, Which stimulates the movements of the colon. At the same time the person performing the treatment gently massaging the lower abdomen. Then rinsed with water containing residues of the second tube is Discharged to the drainage device.

Time: The procedure takes 1-1.5 hours, Consists of several Rinses. Hydrotherapy is done every few days for a month.

Contraindications: Gastrointestinal bleeding, inflammatory bowel disease, cracks and fissures in the acute stage, bleeding hemorrhoids, intestinal recent operations, pregnancy, acute heart failure, high blood pressure, abdominal hernia, renal failure, liver cirrhosis, acute anemia, cancer of the bowel.

Expert opinion: The efficacy of systemic treatment colon hydrotherapy in scientific research has not been confirmed. There are many publications drawing attention to the threats with Which involves surgery. These small beige electrolyte imbalance, leading to cardiac arrhythmias, paresthesia (hyperalgesia), muscle tremors, motility disorders and severe damage to the intestinal wall and the perforations Requiring resection.

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Cleansing treatment: vitafon, the micro vibration

Vitafon NVH is a device used, among others in physiotherapy, as well as in the treatment of many diseases (Including diabetes, hypertension, heart failure). Vitafonem vibroacoustic therapy is that influence the site of lesions sonic vibration (mikrowibracji) with variable frequency. As a result, in a Particular area of ​​the body it Improves the flow of blood and lymph. Thanks to this treatment (called fonowaniem) accelerate the elimination of pollution, regeneration processes, reduce swelling, improve the work of internal organs, enhance the effectiveness of Pharmacotherapy. Because the recovery from usually we accompanies acceleration and Increased metabolic toxins in the blood treatment vibroacoustical the intended to be used also in the area of ​​kidney. Streamlining Their work is conducive is the efficient detoxification.

What is the treatment?

Depending on the treatment area, you can sit or lie down. The skin is placed handset NVH (wibrofony), Which should adhere closely to the body of data points. When the camera shake wibrofonów membranes are a Transferred and penetrate tissues to a depth of approx. 7 cm. Changing the frequency of vibration is Carried out automatically if According to the programming device.

Time: Gradually treatments should be built up - from several minutes to hours (day no more than 3 hours) and repeated three times a day. The procedure can be Performed before bedtime, or shortly after taking drugs. Effect lasts 4-6 hours. A typical treatment lasts for 2 weeks. With chronic health improvement after 3-4 months.

3 fashionable treatments cleansing the body of toxins. Are they effective?Contraindications: Never use in areas of deep vein thrombosis, atherosclerosis diagnosed with implanted pacemakers, malignant tumors, moreover pregnant with acute infectious diseases, in case of fever.

Expert opinion: Micro vibration tissues are constantly present in the body, they Appear thanks to the work of the heart, muscle, impact the environment. In the case of fatigue and injuries overload May be somewhat weakened, Which leads it slow down the reaction of immune lymph fluid stasis and venous stasis in the body. Currently, there are several studies Which aim is DETERMINE the effectiveness of this method and its application in rehabilitation Mainly, the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract and urogenital system.

Cleansing treatment: body detox, or soaking feet

this treatment ion detox Performed using a special device (it's a bath feet), respectively generating a modulated current of variable polarity, Which Causes ionization of water. Ionized water activates the natural functions of excretion, thereby the cells start to emit intense blood harmful substances, Which are removed through the pores in the skin of the feet in water. Getting rid of the toxins from the body takes some time after a series of treatments. As a result, treatments are designed Strengthen the immune system, help weight loss and fight against various diseases, Including allergies, rheumatism, improve skin tone.

What is the treatment?

Just dip your feet in the water and turn on the device. Discoloration of water testifies to the fact of what or how the body was cleaned. For example. Black color indicates the removal of heavy metals from the body, brown - nicotine, dark green indicates the cleansing of the gallbladder, orange - joints, yellow-green - kidney, bladder, reproductive organs, prostate.

Time: The treatment lasts 30 minutes. The whole series includes 5-10 procedures Performed at intervals of several days.

Contraindications: A pacemaker, aneurism, heart disease, epilepsy, pregnancy, diabetes, cancer.

Expert opinion: The theory of restoring balance by restoring the body's impaired capacity ion cells is pure magic. The potential difference is the essence of the action of nerve cells, muscle and soaking the legs does not Affect Their function. The final metabolites, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, as is commonly Referred toxins are excreted through the skin with urine, feces, breath. That Particles dissolve in the water are eliminated by the urinary tract and skin and the ingestion of fat-soluble. In studies of water used for body detox treatment has not been confirmed the presence of either urea or creatinine, or heavy metals, the manufacturer promises without coverage.

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