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3 new treatments EFFECTIVE CELLULITE

3 new treatments EFFECTIVE CELLULITE3 new treatments EFFECTIVE CELLULITE How difficult to get rid of cellulite just by using cosmetics, knows every woman who tried this. That is why it is worth investing in professional treatments: citrus paradise, icoone, coaxmed.
Treatments that help Eliminate cellulite (orange zest) Is a huge choice - from simple massages Those That after utilize the latest technologies. Thanks to them, the body recovers quickly coveted smoothness and firmness.
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  1. citrus grove
    The treatment Improves fat burning. It is based on strong cosmetics containing vegetable ingredients Which przeciwcellulitowym and firming. Begins to peel. Then, the selected parts of the body serum is applied, then massage cream. The massage is Performed Chinese cupping Which sucks the skin fold. At the end of the body is applied to the mask, and then warming the formulation. The treatment relaxes well, also thanks to scent cosmetics. The skin is supple, smooth, tense. Price: 250 zł, time: 2 hrs., Bandi Institute in Warsaw,
  2. icoone
    It is a vacuum massage Performed by using two heads-coated rollers with small suction holes skin. Massage decreases fibrosis, microcirculation and stimulates collagen production. Consists of treatment for lymphatic drainage and firming intensive program. The heads Provide very precise execution massage - furling is every centimeter of treated skin. For the procedure you need to wear special tight puppet. After treatment the skin is smoothed and firmed. Price: 240 zł, time: 45 min, La Perla in Warsaw,
  3. 3 new treatments EFFECTIVE CELLULITECoaxmed
    This device uses both ultrasonic and radio waves, then vacuum massage and Cryotherapy. As a result, damage to the fat cells and remove them from the body and this improve the structure of collagen. After having lubricated the skin cosmetic gel massaging the body of the camera head. Radio waves heat the deeper layers of the skin to a predetermined temperature and liquefy fat ultrasound. Then the skin is pleasantly massaged cooling head. The treatment is not painful to the ears only unpleasant squeaking noise Caused by the ultrasound. After treatment the skin is red, but once Visibly smoother and TO-heel. Price: 1500 zł, time: 45 minutes, SkinClinic in Warsaw,

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