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Acne in adults. Causes of acne in people mature

Acne in adults. Causes of acne in people matureAcne in adults. Causes of acne in people mature

Acne in adults often triggered by stress and inadequate diet. When pimples on the face of a teenager struggling, in normal Consider it. But acne appearing in Their thirties and even forties, raised eyebrows and anxiety, because it turns out to be very difficult to treat.

Acne in adults is more difficult to treat than the acne

Acne in adults There are more and more often. Once acne Considered was the only issue maturing youth - Appeared with the launch of Their hormonal (girls approx. 14 years of age, boys usually we two years later) and gave way when she passed (usually we after 3-5 years). Unfortunately, for several years, Dermatologists observe acne That Occurs more often in adults, mostly women, who have previously been virtually eliminated or went very smoothly. Why is this happening?

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Acne in adults - guilty of stress and diet

In contrast to acne very rarely it happens That cause skin lesions in adults were Systemic hormonal disorders, only sometimes it is hyperandrogenism. The Therefore, attempts to treat with birth control pills they often give only periodic improvement - after hormone withdrawal the problem of returns. So what is the cause of adult acne harassing?

  • stress - Increases the production of sebum. Moreover, it Affects the secretion of proinflammatory neurotransmitters
  • diets - rich in products of high glycemic index, highly processed, fast food places at the head. This menu results in a rapid Increase in blood levels of insulin, Which stimulates the production of androgens and consequently Increases seborrhea.

This is the beginning of all evil. Produced in excessive amounts secretion of the sebaceous glands is thicker than usual and with great difficulty escaping from the skin surface. Because the process is also Increased keratinization of the epidermis, part of the secretion it is closed in Estuaries and sebaceous ducts so formed blackheads. The clogged sebaceous glands are excellent conditions for the development of anaerobic bacteria and other Microorganisms That provoke inflammation - are formed on the skin pimples, papules, nodules, and then purulent infiltration. In addition, stress and a poor diet Occur changes to the skin can also Contribute, for example. This hypersensitivity Certain foods or improper use of cosmetics (severe ground, multiple, perfumed, clogging pores).

Acne in adults is different

It's hard to explain why, but in adults acne lesions are localized differently in adolescents, most often in the upper part of the face - the jaw, chin, around the mouth, on the neck. They are not disseminated or extensive, but Permanently take the form of persistent inflammatory lesions, often on the ground dry skin. , Difficult to treat and often leave permanent marks on the skin in the form of unsightly scars and discoloration.


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Treatment of acne in adults can be difficult

problem with acne plaguing adults lies in the fact That the standard of care antytrądzikowa does not help, and general antibiotic therapy is only effective when taking the drug. The Therefore usually we used a combination therapy tailored to the individual patient's needs. In difficult cases, so as drugs. it is recommended first-line oral antibiotics (because of Their antibacterial action), but above all retinoids (Derivatives of vitamin A), for example. Isotretinoin. It is very effective - normalizes the differentiation of epidermal cells, reduces the accumulation of sebum in the hair follicles. However, it has also Disadvantages, it works teratogenic (small harm the fetus), and Increases the sensitivity of the skin. That is why a few months therapy is Carried out under strict medical supervision.

Before you start you need to control the level of cholesterol (Contraindication is high), and during its use must not become pregnant, sunbathing or subject invasive cosmetic treatments. The treatment is supplemented with oral agents, and in the improvement of the local treatment of skin replaced. It is then applied to the lubrication formulations are containing antibiotics (erythromycin or clindamycin) and benzoyl peroxide or retinoids. They reduce the growth of bacteria That cause inflammatory effects of treatment and support.


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Daily care acne

This is a very important element anti-acne treatment and requires careful selection of cosmetics. They should be simple composition and strongly moisturize. Desirable Their components are: retinol (Prevents disturbances of keratinization of the epidermis and Promotes its regeneration, but also very dry skin, hence the need for intensive HUMIDIFICATION), vitamins C and E (to fight free radicals, and inhibit the production of proinflammatory cytokines), extracts of algae or aloe (Hydrate).

Purification is best based formulations are eg., Salicylic acid or glikoglikolowym (skin cells and soften Facilitate removal of blackheads). Every 2-3 days, it is advisable that further Top purify the skin peeling (Removes calluses and facilitates unlocking pores). When choosing cosmetics, Which have to hide imperfections, look for a lightweight formulas That do not clog the pores, allowing the skin to breathe - is a so-called cosmetics. niekomedogenne. It should choose preparations having the properties of favorable treatment acne, eg. antibacterial tapered pores of the skin and limiting the release of tallow.

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