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Acne in men. Where does a man’s acne? How to cure it?

Acne in men. Where does a man's acne? How to cure it?Acne in men. Where does a man's acne? How to cure it?

Pimples in adults mostly deeper red lumps or bumps. Small pimples, typical teenage age, are rare. Where does acne in men and why? How to deal with it?

Acne in men is conditioned Hormonally. Male acne can be mild - or take morbid youthful figure and leave behind scars.

Acne, appearing on the face, back or chest is unsightly and Receives a sense of confidence. The Therefore it is good to know your opponent to know how to fight and win. Gentlemen, ladies linger longer than with a visit to a specialist, because when I will go to him, acne is the most advanced.

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Where does acne in adult men?

Causes of Acne in men, as well as in women, there are several. First of all hormones are to blame. Skin problems usually we start in adolescence (but can Occur and later). Acne is dependent on the male sex hormones - androgens, produced by the gonads (testes in men). Sebaceous glands are over-react or hormones Their overproduction. The impact of androgens on the occurrence of acne is Particularly evident during puberty, when the body's hormone raging storm.

testosterone, one of the active male hormones androgens Stimulate Belonging is the sebaceous glands in the skin for the production of sebum (tallow). Becomes the oily skin, the mouth glands are plugging Appear blackheads and purulent pimples, Which are the result, in proliferating accumulated sebum, bacteria. The appearance of acne can also be Adopted related to drugs (eg. Steroids - Anabolics athletes used to it quickly Increase muscle mass), environmental factors, stress, diet and UVA rays. These factors also surely Contribute to the exacerbation of changes isnt. Family and also Observed tendency to skin problems (genetic factors).

In people who already Appeared in the family acne, more common severe forms of the disease. The cause of microbial acne bacteria Propionibacterium acnes located at the mouths of the sebaceous glands, its activity leading to irritation and walls glands keratosis Their mouths. That is why it is important that proper hygiene and skin care.

Where does acne in men? How to get rid of pimples?

Acne has many names - the types of acne in men

  • acne plain - except blackheads Appear follicular lesions and maculopapular pustular
  • pimple - prevail blackheads and follicular lesions, Mainly located on the face and back. It is most severe during puberty, then resolves spontaneously after several years duration.
  • Acne in men. Where does a man's acne? How to cure it?

  • hormonal acne It is formed against endocrine Irregularities, Which results in disturbances in the secretion of sebum (reaching Increased release of the amount). For small changes in acne passes during approx. 4 years of the first symptoms. Cases of acute last longer, and can take up to 30 years of age. Acne Caused by hormonal disorders indicate a small hair loss: a high testosterone levels often Causes of hair loss on the head (alopecia on the head May be accompanied by the appearance of finer facial hair and body).
  • pustular acne -  The most troublesome symptom is pimples.
  • phlegmonous acne - changes are accompanied by typical purulent cysts, leaving behind, sometimes very disfiguring scars.
  • acne focused changes manifested in the form of deep infiltrates and purulent cysts, sometimes confluent, and numerous, very large blackheads. The result be small hypertrophic scars.
  • acne bliznowcowy - keloid formation within acne eruptions. Often accompanied by acne or ropowiczemu skupionemu, sometimes only Applies to the neck area.
  • acne thundering - a very severe form of acne vulgaris. This disease is relatively rare and almost Exclusively in boys about 15 years old. Changes in the area of ​​seborrheic resemble acne Those in the ropowiczym or focused. There are, however, much worse, because podbiegnięciom disintegrate and bloody. Men who suffer from the disease suffer from fever and joint pain. After healing of the lesions on the skin, leaving ugly scars.


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Men's care

Treatment of acne in men

When local treatment does not help (ointment without a prescription and the prescription) should be under the supervision of a Dermatologist to use oral medications (antibiotics, retinoids). Treatment is long and usually we often require further Top treatment. For scars and blemishes, Which are the result of severe acne, treatments work well with glycolic acid, Trichloroacetic acid peels or laser - in this example. fractional laser.

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Are recommended and effective methods as dry scrub treatment dermapenem. Casual use of cosmetics for skin with skin problems - should avoid excessively dry out the skin (with alcohol) - Skin too dry overproduction of sebum and starts a vicious circle. It is important for skin cleansing after every perspiring more or dirty. The great care to check the preparations of benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid or treatments with Increasing concentrations of glycolic acid. E.g., more potent products. Of small tretinoin be used under the supervision of a Dermatologist.

Shaving and acne in men

During shaving easy to incorporate skin microbes and bacteria. This can be avoided by shaving off gently and always in the direction of hair growth. After shaving the skin coat, Suitable formulation of the antimicrobial action. Let us remember That the disposable devices used only once, and Those reusable disinfected after each use.

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