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Acne neuropathic substrate is mental. Which leads is excessive squeezing pimples?

Acne neuropathic substrate is mental. Which leads is excessive squeezing pimples?Acne neuropathic substrate is mental. Which leads is excessive squeezing pimples?
acne neuropathic It is the most severe form of acne. Because it has a psychological basis, its treatment requires consultation with a psychologist. Neuropathic Acne Affects People who have low self-esteem, by all means strive for excellence and do not reach this performance. Also often accompanied by depression.

Compulsive squeezing imperfections and after searching the hidden acne pimples and blackheads is called neuropathic. The source of the problem should be sought in low self-esteem and nervousness.

acne neuropathic This disease entity in the field of dermatology and psychiatry. Called in this way is acne occurring in people who obsessively squeeze, scratches the pimples, papules, blackheads. Affects this problem of people who suffer from psychological problems - fear, Low self-esteem, depressive states or is prone Autoimmunity.

If you are ill after squeezing pimples feel satisfaction, Which comes after the anger and grief. This is Characterized by emotionally unstable person.

These people have a unrealistic idea about Their Own appearance. Every little imperfection Immediately squeeze in an effort to get rid of it and improve your appearance. Even when this is virtually invisible to the naked eye. Most of them are women, who are staring at the beautiful models of pristine cerach the covers of newspapers and to a greater extent than men feel the pressure of being perfect.

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The effects of self and excessive removal of skin imperfections

It is easy to recognize Acne Sufferers, neuropathic, because they spend a lot of time looking in the mirror Subsequent changes on the skin. The act of scratching and squeezing the imperfections give the people a sense of control momentary, illusory solution to the issue and the associated feeling of relief. Unfortunately, the effects are quite the opposite. The bacteria are spread through his fingers across the face, Causing New imperfections. These also are squeezing Immediately or scratched.

The issue of mold build-up and pustules Appear faster and faster. Ultimately, the whole face is covered with pimples, skin rozdrapanymi pancakes discoloration and mornings. Also created deep scars scratched krostach. Often the issue at the output of a sick person is marginal, and on the face, back or shoulders Appear just a few pimples in a month. After several weeks of consistent extrusion scratching pimples and the entire surface is covered with skin changes.


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Acne neuropathic substrate is mental. Which leads is excessive squeezing pimples?depression

How to treat neuropathic acne?

acne neuropathic a complex issue, and the Therefore also its diagnosis and treatment are not easy. Patients often do not want to admit to the harm he inflict on ourselves. A very important step on the road to recovering from such a person is realize that it and its nearest, what is measured. It is Necessary consult a doctor of dermatology, it should not be replaced with a visit to the beautician. Dermatologist suggest Drugs That Will Prevent the formation of imperfections, as well as Those having already overcome formed by extrusion, and the scratching scars and discoloration. The key to cure skin will result in Their use, as well as refraining from self-disposal imperfections.

Continuous squeezing pimples that leads Their spread. This in turn worsens mood and lowers self-esteem. It's a vicious circle.

This is the fully solve the problem of acne neuropathic important is the attention the psychological part of the problem. In many cases it will be a Necessary consult with a psychologist who will work with the patient on Improving self-esteem, mood and Improving inhibition of self-destructive actions. In extreme cases, it May be Necessary psychiatric treatment. Even the most effective medicines from a Dermatologist not eradicating the problem of when the patient will still be addicted to scratching and squeezing pimples. It will be important support shown by the next patient. It is worth to try it Appreciating it, and take him time, so as not to think about the problem. They also need to react firmly when a loved one is caught by them on the bench or wydrapywaniu imperfections.

Good to know

Not in every person squeezing pimples must end with the appearance of acne neuropathic. However, everyone should Eliminate this step, even if it gives her only occasionally. To help you fight in the mirror do not spend more time than Necessary, avoid too intense light in the bathroom.

The effects of compulsive squeezing imperfections

After a successful acne cure neuropathic skin and so, unfortunately, will not look like the past. Scrambling pressing the skin and leave permanent marks in the form of scars, discoloration and wrinkles. To get rid of scars can be used in aesthetic medicine treatments, dry as laser, microcenthesis Whether filling hyaluronic acid. The bleaching stains with the help will come scrubs acids.

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