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Acne skin – characteristics and care. How to recognize a skin acne?

Acne skin - characteristics and care. How to recognize a skin acne?Acne skin - characteristics and care. How to recognize a skin acne?

acne complexion can cause problems. First, it is difficult to diagnose, because acne is sometimes confused with oily complexion. When he is finally recognized, instead of proper care at the maximum drying. How to cultivate skin acne? Check, Reveals Which the overproduction of sebum and acne.

Skin acne is not always fat. Also on dry and sensitive skin Appear small pimples, blackheads and inflammation.

pimples, chronic purulent lesions, eczema and pores Some of circumstantial evidence that you 'have acne complexion. When there are more than 3 months, and Their appearance is not associated with menstrual cycle, most likely your skin is actually acne. Acne lesions usually we Occur in the form of red, convex blackheads, purulent often as pimples or accumulation in one place (in appearance related to allergic rashes). Acne is associated with puberty, but also Appears even after 40 years of age and stages of life stressors

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How to recognize a skin acne?

Do you have acne complexion if:

  • you have enlarged pores;
  • Occur skin changes regularly purulent, often in large Quantities;
  • pimples and blemishes leave scars;
  • Appear sometimes pimples on the neck or back;
  • classic cleansing preparations do not help your problems.

What is different from acne complexion oily skin?

acne complexion often confused with oily complexion. The basis of both problems is the improper operation of the sebaceous glands. The glands are located on the entire surface of the skin of the face and body, in addition to the palm and the underside of the foot. secrete sebum, and in places where there are the most skin glows stronger than the other - as happens for example. on the chin and on the nose. Then we talk about skin That is "oily" That and the struggle posiadaczki oily skin.

Dry skin type does not exclude acne. This is an exceptionally rare combination and seek the best advice in this case a Dermatologist.

Sometimes they fight and pustules, but it happens occasionally. People with acne skin have a greater nut to crack. Occurs when acne skin exfoliation also incorrect, Which dead cells clog the sebaceous glands. In this way they arise and pimples purulent lesions. Depending on other factors Responsible for the condition of your skin, blackheads May be it more or less.


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Acne skin - characteristics and care. How to recognize a skin acne?Shiny nose, forehead and cheeks glowing a problem and not just teenagers. Oily skin are also more and more people in the thirties Their ...

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Why glands secrete more sebum, and the pores are clogged?

Certain factors cause Increased production of sebum, Which then clogs the hair follicle and Eventually leads to the formation of bacteria Which are the direct cause breakouts. In addition this genetic factors, the impact on it are also hormones and diets. Small hormonal changes result from the ripening period, stressful Situations or behavioral modification (eg. A sudden drop in diet or a large amount of training).

In turn, inadequate nutrition equally contributes to the deterioration of the skin. The most harmful are sugar, alcohol, fast food, cigarettes and coffee. Just limit the consumption of These products, and after a month will reduce the number of blackheads on your skin. Products that help with acne are all acting cleansing herbs - cleansing, nettle, chamomile, black lilac. Choose two of them brew and drink regularly.

Between cosmetologists are in dispute about how a large part in the clogging of pores have cosmetics. Some think That some cosmetics makeup or greasy creams komedogenne small (ie easily clogging the pores), while others believe That the impact of products on the clogging of the pores is negligible. All agree, however, that the thick layer of cosmetics restrict access of oxygen to the skin, so you better be economical here. It should observe the reaction of the cosmetic and, if you reach for the cream with the inscription "niekomedogenne."

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How is acne?

Acne It Occurs most commonly during adolescence, but more often the symptoms also Occur in people mature. Acne is formed due this excessive secretion of male hormones (women also have them in small amounts) leads the sebaceous gland hyperplasia and overproduction of sebum. This is not always Caused by hormonal disorders, but it is prone skin is replace hormones In Their more active forms.

Acne Occurs most often in the so-called. T-zone (forehead, chin, nose) and the back and neck. In These places is the most sebaceous glands. The majority of young women purulent skin eruptions and changes Occur before menstruation and disappear at the beginning of a new cycle.

How to cultivate skin acne?

This type of skin is, unfortunately, one of the most problematic. The first instinct is that usually we reach for a deep cleansing preparations. In reality, This Means going for shortcuts and quick drying of the skin, Which is forced to even more sebum production. The best start to Eliminating bad habits:

  1. Returned a normal eating habits and turn a detoxifying diet products.
  2. Get enough sleep and keep clean sheets and towels.
  3. Do not touch your face with dirty hands.

These slight modifications that reduce the amount of Microorganisms Which Contribute to the formation of pimples. Then go to the proper care of your skin:

  1. It regularly exfoliating scrub, scrub or acids;
  2. every morning and evening, cleanse the skin micellar liquid or soft gel wash;
  3. day use light moisturizers, antibacterial and night;
  4. during a visit to the toilet or choose cavitation cleansing treatment;
  5. Domestic use, natural method of cleansing the skin, for example. scrub with coffee, yoghurt mask-aspirin and cleaning the face with a soft toothbrush for pimples, you can not get rid apply a compress on the night of zinc ointment or Ichthyol (sold in pharmacies without a prescription).

Remember - acne skin does not like the sun. In the first days sunbathing you will notice a small improvement, but after a week of pimples will be twice more. Pay attention to this during the holidays.

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