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Acne symptoms and effective treatment

Acne symptoms and effective treatmentAcne symptoms and effective treatment

Acne, or pustules and blackheads until recently, they were associated with hormonal storm adolescence. Dermatologists but now is more and more often adults with acne. The treatment of this skin disease is not easy, but thanks to modern drugs and treatments and dermatology can get rid of troublesome pimples and scars That are after them.

Acne is a skin condition, it requires specialized treatment from a Dermatologist.

Acne The issue, as it turns out, not only teenagers but also adults. Anyone who has had a struggle with pimples, pustules That knows blackheads and although easy to win them fight hard to win the war. But is it really possible - the latest therapies are effective. Condition: fast introduction of treatment and consistency. Acne is not only an aesthetic defect, it is a disease like any other - so you should treat it with a specialist. The first steps should refer to a Dermatologist.

Three phases of the development of acne

Skin lesions can have different forms depending on the severity of the disease.

  1. blackheads This first stage of acne. They look like whitish or black dots (commonly are called blackheads). There are not only the face, but also on the shoulders, neck or back, or in places where there are many sebaceous glands.
  2. Papules and pustules an average severe forms of acne. The skin can be seen protruding, reddish changes, Which testify to the development of inflammation around the sebaceous glands.
  3. Colored bluish red nodules, middle filled with pus - at this stage of disease it is comprised infection of the deeper layers of the skin and deep cystic leaving permanent scarring.

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Acne - oily skin under stress

Acne Usually it is hereditary - in people susceptible to the disease sebaceous glands produce more sebum. If accompanied by hyperkeratosis of skin, ready for trouble. Dander clog the sebaceous glands (they are connected is of hair follicles) is a form of blackheads. They become a breeding ground for bacteria That reside in the hair follicles (Propionibacterium acnes).
Troubles of complexion in teenagers is conducive Rapid Increase in the secretion of sex hormones, Which strongly Stimulate the sebaceous glands to work. After 20 years of age when hormone levels are already stable, the issue will disappear.

It is not known exactly what might cause Acne in adults. Doctors believe That some people are just prone is inter-individual overproduction of sebum, eg. As a result of disturbances in the secretion of hormones. Sebaceous glands small Increase in stress (skin is one of the bodies responding strongly-mental) and also by taking Certain drugs - anti-depressant or hormonal, especially corticosteroids.


How to get rid of blackheads? Homemade ways it blackheads

blackheads, or blackheads, is mixed with tallow zrogowaciałym skin That blocks the mouth of the pores. Blackheads are easily nadkażeniom by bacteria ...


Dermatologist Acne treatment - ointments, antibiotics and vitamin A

If you want to once and for all get rid of acne, take them to a Dermatologist, and as soon as possible. This is especially Applies Those people who have home treatments do not take effect, and there are still new blackheads or pimples. Starting therapy, be patient. The success can wait many months, do not be discouraged, however, the first failures. What kind of treatment usually we suggests a Dermatologist?

outside Help. The doctor writes antibacterial ointment and gels that lubricate the skin lesions. They Facilitate the emptying of the glands the sebum and reduce its production. The most commonly used formulations are containing acid, all-trans vitamin A (tretinoin) or derivatives thereof. You should carefully follow your doctor, because These measures can cause side effects, for example. Irritate the skin and Increase its sensitivity to light. Dermatologist can also order antibacterial preparations containing azelaic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Good results can also lubrication pimples creams with zinc oxide. They are used in mild forms of acne and supportive in advanced states.

  • If already developed inflammation, it is also Necessary ointment or gel with antibiotic, e.g.,. Clindamycin, or erythromycin. The symptoms and Prevents the formation of new lesions.
  • Acne symptoms and effective treatment

Treatment of agent. When acne is an advanced, pustules are numerous and there is a risk of permanent scarring on the skin, and Dermatologist not only saves the gels and creams, but also oral antibiotic (usually we tetracycline). Particularly in severe cases, and retinoids - medicines containing vitamin A acid derivative, isotretinoin. The Effect Of These formulations are is very effective - inhibit the secretion of sebum and combat bacteria, THUS Preventing the formation of inflammatory and reduce to a minimum the risk of recurrence. However, they are a health and inert, when Their use is required periodic blood tests for liver enzymes and lipid pancreas.

  • WARNING! Preparations based on vitamin A acid can be very dangerous to the fetus. To avoid to get pregnant, the doctor recommending treatment saves the patient the pill. It is also important that light diet, low-impact liver, and the total exclusion of alcohol.

Hormonal contraception is sometimes helpful

When the suspects Dermatologist That the reason for the appearance of acne lesions are disturbances in the Functioning of That glands secrete hormones, usually we directed it consult to the gynecologist-endocrinologist. Indications for dry visits are irregular menstrual cycles or the appearance of excessive hair growth in unusual places (eg. On the face, chest or stomach), Which testifies to the Increased production of male hormones (testosterone) That Stimulate the sebaceous glands. It is Necessary that perform blood tests (as dry Determining the level of testosterone). The treatment with Oral Contraceptives containing estrogen and progesterone.

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Hormone therapy good for acne

Hormonal Acne Treatment It is and conducted in women especially in the case of abnormal levels of androgens in the blood. Preceded by gynecological consultation and / or endocrine, checking the respective liver function tests and coagulation system Which allows a control of the safety of the treatment. If the patient chooses not to potent oral medications, you can always suggest a topical treatment. It requires a systematic and at least several weeks of the improvement is Obtained and then continuing therapy that sustain the effect. Drugs are stored on prescription and selected individually depending on the type of acne lesions. In addition, the treatment can be supported using Chemical treatments exfoliation (Peels mandelic acid, pyruvic acid or glycol). Not recommended for decontamination by squeezing pimples and blackheads.


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skin acne That is a problem of Affects not only teenagers. Improper operation of the sebaceous glands of the skin Causes Appear blackheads ...


Office treatments for acne - microdermabrasion, and laser peeling

In the treatment of acne it is extremely important that combine several methods, because it gives greater guarantee Permanently get rid of the trouble. Dermatologist so often proposes treatments Aimed at stimulating skin cell regeneration. Acne quickly disappear, the skin Becomes smoother. They give good results:

  • Medical scrub with acid, mandelic acid, glycolic acid, pyruvic acid or TCA;
  • kriopeeling, or diseased tissue freezing with liquid nitrogen; treatment lasts 10-15 seconds, it is repeated at least 5 times;
  • microdermabrasion, mechanical abrasion or callous tissue using a special apparatus;
  • Laser treatments used only for the removal of acne scars; treatment of this disease with the laser light is failing.

Oily skin and acne requires special care

skin acne It requires not only treatment but also special care every day. Best to consult a Dermatologist, who will fly cosmetics suitable for your skin, for example. Emulsions or gels to wash, tonic acidifying. What is also needed is a moisturizing cream with zinc and vitamins, and plant extracts. You should also know That although acne is a disease conditioned by many factors, it has nothing to do with infectious diseases and in no way can it get infected through contact with another person suffering from acne.

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