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Armpit hair, or in the jungle of doubt. How to grow and nurse it remove hair?

Armpit hair, or in the jungle of doubt. How to grow and nurse it remove hair?Armpit hair, or in the jungle of doubt. How to grow and nurse it remove hair?

Both shaving underarm hair, as well as Their ventures should be in Accordance with our policies take care of themselves and care. The decision to keep underarm hair ceased to be embarrassing. More and more women decide not to shave because of Their beliefs or Reasons for health. hair Removal In this delicate place, and leave the hair and must be combined with a Suitable hygiene and care. Find out how to care for underarm hair or remove hair from armpits in a safe manner.

Armpit hair cease to be taboo. The decision about Their hair removal is the most amazing zapuszczaniu or dictated to individual needs.

body hair It raises a lot of controversy, especially when it comes to women - it seems that it does not meet important health functions, and many people Consider them to be less aesthetic. Especially the "infamous" enjoy armpit hair, They blamed the blame for unpleasant The smell of sweat. Indeed, one of their functions is that absorb and retain sweat produced by glands in the skin under the arms, in another case, without antiperspirant, in this region would be quite humid.

Another feature small they be more inclined to stop hair removal - glands located in the skin producing the hair is Responsible for the production of pheromones, and the hair retain These volatile substances and enhance Their concentration. Thanks to our "pheromone" scent is stronger and more attracts the opposite sex, in and feel more attractive and more appealing. Unfortunately, not only the smell of pheromones is amplified by the hair under his arm - if not properly take care of Their hygiene, the smell of sweat is not only teased us.

Armpit hair need special care

I used it basically unthinkable, now a symbol of the liberation of your body - do not shave underarm hair is becoming more and more popular. The main disadvantage of running the underarm hair is the aforementioned persistent smell of sweat. For this reason, this area should be frequently cleaned with antibacterial soap or gels - bacteria like to grow in a humid environment underarm hair, and Further Strengthen odor. To wash, we can also use a gentle shampoo antiallergic, if it has a pleasant smell, it will be kept on the hair for a long time.

Unfortunately, Deodorants and Antiperspirants will be less effective if you have long hair because the less reach Directly to the skin. Skin care and underarm hair also includes peeling done once a week - that cleanse the skin and hair follicles, so we will not complain about itching and ingrown hairs.

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Armpit hair cease to be embarrassing

Smooth female body until recently was a symbol of legitimate aesthetic appearance and take care of themselves. armpit hair for many women and men are they unsightly, but there are Those people who do not have anything against dry hairs. Do not shave the hair on the legs and armpits become a feminist manifesto, Which attach themselves more and more people from the world of show business, showing That there is nothing wrong with such a choice.

Women venturing underarm hair a small fear of the reaction of your partner, but it is not the rule, that men "abhor" natural hairs. The most amazing, men define as appealing hair, very natural. Although the decision on Maintaining the natural hair is individual, it is still the subject is Considered by some to be a shy, violates the rules of good taste.

Natural hair ceases to be shocking, and it begins to be leaving one of the possible choices.

Ventured hair is also an attempt to free themselves from the stereotypes of the perfect appearance of a woman is attempting disenchant her body as a sexual object, Which is Primarily to please your partner. If we have your body not for Their Own convenience and health, but to meet the demands of others, it can lead this frustration. Most women quit Their hair removal doing it for themselves - sometimes because of irritation after depilation, Reasons sometimes ideological, sometimes because they just do not want them is always pay attention to Whether Their armpits are smooth enough.

Ventured underarm hair

Underarm hair grows approx. 2.5 cm per month. Venturing so they take up to two months. Hair at some point cease to grow, so there is no Possibility That will be used for long. After starting the hair can splurge a little with them - for example pofarbować washable paint. First, you need to zdekoloryzować hair, and then impose on them a fine paint. You can meet with similar hairstyles in social media. However, the dyeing must be very careful not to irritate the delicate skin under the arms are contracted or allergies. It should ask for help and advice to the hairdresser or allergic perform the test on a small piece of skin.


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Armpit hair, or in the jungle of Doubt. How to grow and nurse it remove hair?Regardless of Whether pubic hair leave or depilated, one thing is Certain - this area of ​​the body should be extremely ...

intimate hygiene

Safely remove underarm hair

Hair removal armpits for most women, as well as a growing number of men an important ritual of beauty, especially in summer. Those who care about the smooth skin under the arms, they have several options hair removal methods, each of Which has its pluses and minuses.

  • shaving razors - shaving hair can irritate the skin, leaving a red pimples or irritated hair follicles. We must also repeat them every day or almost every day. The Advantages of this method is its speed and availability. But always remember using a sharp razor and shaving gel. It is also time for a few days before epilation make delicate skin peeling, dead skin that does not block the hair follicles, Which can lead this ingrown hair.
  • Hair Removal Cream - another way is to fast and at home. Unfortunately, the still do not durable, hair grows a little slower than shaving, but it is up to a few days. In addition, components of creams are strongly sensitizing and not everyone can safely use them.
  • Waxing - a method of persistent, but painful. You can wax armpits at home, but the effects can be worse than Those Obtained in the living room. A visit to the lounge is not very expensive (approx. 40 - 50 zł), and we are sure That all the hair will be removed and we will have them head for a few weeks. This method of hair removal can strongly irritate our skin, hair torn out because he is living together with onion.
  • Laser Hair Removal - it is the most effective method of hair removal, after several treatments hair can get rid of for years. It is also the method quite expensive for all sessions need to spend a minimum of 1000 zł. Not everyone can also undergo laser surgery, possible contraindications for the surgery must first consult with your doctor.

Good to know

Fashion depilation - Appears and disappears

That sharp stones were used for shaving hair, has already been used about 30 thousand. While primitive years BC razor and shaving devices have been widely used in antiquity. Their women shave hair with hands and legs, and some sources even speak of intimate hair removal. In ancient Egypt they used sharp instruments for depilation wax resin Sugaring. In Arab countries, but a popular method used today flossing. Surrendered depilation is both women and men.

With hair removal was abandoned in the Middle Ages. Hair was removed Mainly in cases where the parts of the body are affected by the disease. Shave the hair Began again at the beginning of the twentieth century, the advent of the women's press by launching a fashion for a more outdoor clothes. His merit in Promoting hair removal also had the then model and actress. It was a time when the image of seductress, liberated woman you simply fashionable.

A real craze for body depilated Appeared during the sexual revolution. Fashion on the depilated body came to Europe from the United States, but at the same time compete with the hippie image of men and women - return to nature, venturing hair.

Hair removal has established itself for good only in the 80s when it premiered the first electric epilator and in pop culture promoted wydepilowanych images, smooth, athletic bodies.

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