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Art of painting, that is MAKEUP step by step. In what order are applied cosmetics?

Art of painting, that is MAKEUP step by step. In what order are applied cosmetics?Art of painting, that is MAKEUP step by step. In what order are applied cosmetics?

exercise makeup This very precise operation, In Which order the application of cosmetics determines the end result. The Therefore, it is worth remembering That the painting is an art. Even if doing make-up, from the beginning not everything you manage to do it perfectly, remember: practice makes perfect! Once established, the make-up will take you no more than 15 minutes, and the effects will be sensational.

How to apply make-up step by step?

makeup for many women a second skin. Beautiful color of skin, cheekbones, eyes and mouth accentuated this effect is Which We aspire. However, many women can not be painted, So THAT instead of the expected results given the effect of the mask. Making makeup is an art, so will suggest, step by step how to perform the perfect makeup. Find out Which in order cosmetics are applied Achieve the effect of natural feminine makeup. How to make perfect makeup step by step?

Step one - opaque concealer

Any imperfections on the skin must first cover the relevant | EQ. A small amount should be applied to the equalizer spot in That require hiding places. Apply concealer brush or a special applicator attached to the package, and then flattened slightly with your finger or sponge. Acne, pigmentation, spider veins best cover at the very beginning, the foundation will cover perfectly the skin without the need for additional dusting.

Step two - primer on skin color

First, the entire face and neck smear the cream you are using - well, that the cream has a light, moisturizing texture and does not leave an oily film on the skin. Wait a minute, would be absorbed. Then apply with your fingertips underlay. It must be matched to the needs of the skin. Dry skin It requires moisturizing, with hyperpigmentation - opaque, shiny - flatting or matting-moisturizing. It should be the exact shade of skin or a shade lighter if you use a bronzing cosmetics. Check it out, applying a little primer on the edge of the jaw or nose wings and look at it in daylight. Primer distribute (preferably gently patting it) all over his face until the jaw line. If you draw it well, the neck will be no different shade, so do not even need it to powder.

  • A small amount of primer can pat the surface of the lips and eyelids, THUS shadows and lipstick to remain on the skin throughout the day.

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It will be useful to you

If dobrałaś ideal primer, use transparent powder, of loose or in stone. If you have very fair skin, you can revive it by choosing a slightly darker shade of powder, but the color tone should be similar. spread it thick brush, face sweeping circular motion in the direction of hairs (nap), never against the grain.

Step Three - underlined eyes

The next step is painting eyes. You already have on your eyelids coat of primer. Now apply a shadow - base. It should be matte, in beige or cream. Spread it with a brush on the entire eyelid up to the brow - THUS visually enlarge the eye. Then use the main color shade you want to provide your the eyelid and apply it to brush the upper lid (starting at half height of the pupil).

First line should be fairly thin; Gradually it thickens towards the outer corner of the eye. Apply the same shadow under the lower outside corner of the eye. Crayon then draw on the upper eyelid edge line along the eyelashes. If you do not practice, to a line of dark eye shadow, using a thin brush. The line then rub the cotton ball or the cosmetic brush between the lashes. This procedure is helps thicken the lashes and emphasize Their natural color. Do not forget delicate truss along the lower edge of the lid at the outer corner of the eye.

  • If your eyes are swollen and his face looks tired, draw a line with white pencil in the inner corner of the eye on the lower eyelid. In this simple way to add a fresh face.

Step four - thick and long eyelashes

select Mascara, Which thickens them, and extend podkręci. firmly wytuszuj eyelashes, even two or three times. Top cover up eyelashes carefully, but quickly, to the ink had time to dry on the hairs. If you want to be colorful, first use black ink. If applied only color not Achieve the desired effect, and the lashes will expressionless.

Step Five - equal and distinct eyebrows

Remember That before you start to stress, you should adjust them. If you lack skill, ask for help beautician. Modeled eyebrows can adequately fill or underline brown shadow or pencil. A quick and simple way to model Their eyebrows to be combed with a brush or a special gel ink - the make-up takes just a few seconds and lasts all day.

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Art of painting, that is MAKEUP step by step. In what order are applied cosmetics?Makeup step by step

Step Six - the natural color of the cheeks

Do not give up on pink. Skillfully applied revive and highlight the whole face makeup. A simple rule: the color of lipstick and rouge, they must be tone (hot or cold). pink Apply with a brush on the cheekbones or just below them. It should not stand out sharply from the rest of the face, gently rub so. You can choose from pink, sand, stone or cream. The bag should always have roses in cream or gel, Which is very easily applied with your fingers, and the effect of dry makeup is natural and fresh.

  • During the day you can also paint the pink eyelids gently, if you do not have time to Eye makeup. Good roses in natural tones suited as a multifunctional cosmetic. You emphasize the creamy pink cheeks, eyelids, mouth. It is worth investing in a good roses, you complete the daily makeup.

Step Seven - full lips and delicate

Lips have already covered with a layer of primer. Before using lipstick, gently przypudruj. This further Top consolidate it. Distribute lipstick brush. First, along the edge of the lips (if they are small, they draw and the right outside edge if they are large, reduce Their contour), then fill the whole mouth. This visually enlarge the lips, use a colorless lip gloss.

Every day just checked moisturizing lipstick. Painting lipstick mouth is much safer than using lipstick. Lipstick is creamy, the Therefore easier to distribute on his lips. Moisturizing lipstick on the lips leaves a slight sheen and glosses additional use is no longer Necessary. Lips look young, naturally and very juicy.

Good to know

Makeup for photos

Before shooting well wyśpij - Immediately the camera picks up the bags and Dark circles under the eyes. Primer equalizer and mask the imperfections - blemishes, capillaries, blemishes, dark circles. Be sure zmatuj powder or loose skin tissue papers delustring, because he does not like the lens flare. For the same reason, avoid glitter and shiny particles. Light up the inner corners of the eyes and the area below the eyebrows bright matte shadow. In the pictures come out good strong colors on the lips and nails. In addition, the camera recognizes them some intensity. Do not overdo it with the pink. That also make sure the transition between cosmetics (eg. Eyeshadows) were mild and smooth.

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