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Artifact of coffee beans & quot; Cat & quot;

Artifact of coffee beans & quot; Cat & quot;

Coffee - it is not only a refreshing drink, but also the unique colors and wonderful decor elements. Nowadays, artists are using it instead of watercolors as a shade that create easy. Also, the coffee beans are an excellent flavor.

But not only, yet they are perfectly absorb unpleasant odors, especially odors from the refrigerator. But in recent times, coffee is used as an integral part of the interior, make the coffee tree, paintings, photo frames. I propose to make an interesting coffee with crafts Their hands - "cat", Which May be of interest, even your child, and then another, and decorate his room.


- coffee beans;

- glue;

- hardboard;

- pen or pencil;

- fleecy thread, preferably a beige color;

- scissors;

- nail polish (black, white, pink).

Cardboard paint particles, Which together form the basis of our articles made of coffee beans Kotik - volumetric cat. (Torso, head and tail)

Smear of the articles made of coffee glue. It does not need to feel sorry, because coffee is difficult to glue.

Glue on the edges of the thread That would create a beautiful outline.

Artifact of coffee beans & quot; Cat & quot;
Carton glue the head to the body, the place of the connector of the front legs. Tail connector on the rear legs.

Glue core coffee beans (from the middle of the strip) to the top of the first body.

Then sticking grains of coffee on head and tail.

Choosing five zornyshek. Two larger and one small, with rounded sides, paint pink polish. The remaining two - white.

Of pink, kotyachyu to muzzle.

On white coffee beans we put a drop of black lacquer, make the eyes and glue them just above the nose.

Cat coffee ready. We look forward to when it dries, you can paste it on the colored cardboard, and put in a frame, so it will serve as a lovely decoration item. I Hope that the work on the production of articles made of coffee beans was entertaining and interesting.

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