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Baileys coffee

Baileys coffeeContents: Brief information about BeylisRetsept coffee "Baileys" phased process of making coffee "Baileys"

Brief information about Bailey

Bailey - a cream liqueur, Which is Composed of natural cream and Irish whiskey. alcohol strength is 17%. The drink is produced since 1974 and during this time the drink was able to collect a large number of fans, especially to women, is due Their taste characteristics. It Obtain a uniform consistency and originality of taste makers spent 4 years. To date, the plant produces many varieties of this liqueur.

In addition to the "Baileys Original», the company produces Baileys with coffee flavor, mint, chocolate, caramel, hazelnut. Approximately 50% of milk consumed in Ireland wonderful drink preparation. It is believed That Bailey perfectly uplifting, helps fight depression and insomnia .

Since it is Composed of the cream is not recommended to abuse Those who "saves" figure.

Baileys Original Composition

Furthermore whiskey and cream in beverage composition comprises sugar, cocoa, vanilla. Softness flavor That is Achieved in the whiskey was prepared by using the technology of "triple distillation." It should be noted That completely absent in the artificial preservatives. Cream flavor indices are saved due this alcohol.

The main feature is the Baylis harmonious combination of natural ingredients.

Recipe for Coffee "Baileys"

Coffee with Baileys almost every woman loves, because the combination of freshly brewed coffee with cream liqueur gives a nice strong flavor and unique aroma. But this truly enjoy this coffee drink, it is important to know all the details of its preparation. First, we need The Following ingredients:

water - 100 ml

coffee beans - 4 tsp -. Turk 1 (volume 150 ml)

Baileys liqueur - 4 tbsp. spoons,

dark chocolate - 2-3 teaspoons ,.

milk fat (4-6%) - 50-70 mg

vanilla whipped cream - 2 tbsp. spoons,

ice cream ice cream - 3-4 tablespoons. spoon (For Those who do not like whipped cream)

sugar - on request.

The gradual process of making coffee "Baileys"

1. The grinder was charged with 4 teaspoons with slide and grind coffee beans to a powder (about 1 minute). That it is believed the finer the ground coffee, the better it Transmits "palette" flavors.

2. Turk ground coffee mix thoroughly with cold water by breaking all the lumps and then set on fire. It is recommended to brew coffee over low heat, stirring occasionally. It is not Necessary That the coffee was boiling, it is important (as it small taste bitter), it is Sufficient to bring to a boil, that is, as soon as the level begins this rise, Immediately turn off.

Once again this Prevent a spoon and give a little brew (coffee grounds is all settled), about 5 minutes.

3. Carefully pour the coffee into the cup, So THAT has not got grounds.

4. Measure 50-70 ml of milk, if no dimensional dishes, it is possible to use a tablespoon (1 tbsp. Spoon accommodates 15 mL). Warm milk, not boiling, it is possible to heat or microwave and pour the coffee.

5. Measure out 4 tablespoons of liquor is poured into a small vessel (pan, glass and enameled t. D.) And set on fire. We would like to "light" a boil, and pour in a thin stream in without stirring coffee. No need to long boiling liquor, you only need to reheat it thoroughly.

That it is believed the heated liquor better conveys flavor all its subtleties.

6. On the surface of the coffee carefully spread the whipped cream, and for Those Who does not like ice cream can be replaced by "Sundae". Whipped cream is not Necessarily to take with vanilla flavor, you can all at your discretion. If not in the house of whipped cream, you can prepare Their Own, taking the usual heavy cream (10-20% fat) and beat with a mixer or blender.

7. Take the bitter chocolate and rub on a small grater, and then evenly sprinkle the surface of the coffee.

For Those who like sweeter, you can add sugar to your liking.

What serve coffee

Material cup of coffee is Considered a very important parameter. The best material for the porcelain coffee is, and its thickness is very important. Thick-walled cups do not give a drink to cool down quickly.

Here are some tips from renowned Barista what mistakes should be avoided at the coffee.

The prepared drink should be poured from dishes in the dish, otherwise lost its taste.

Used coffee Temperature should not Exceed 70 degrees.

Before you pour the drink into a mug of the Turks, this dish you must first pour over boiling water.

Ground coffee is best just before cooking, because it is an excellent absorbent, that it is able absorb surrounding odors.

During the summer, coffee mug, you can add a few ice cubes. This option will help quench your thirst and enjoy a drink.

Coffee "Bailey" is used as well in a single form or in combination with marshmallow, pastilles.

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