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Balejaż on the hair – hair in a number of shades. What is balejaż?

Balejaż on the hair - hair in a number of shades. What is balejaż?Balejaż on the hair - hair in a number of shades. What is balejaż?

Balejaż He returns after years and again Becomes a hit in hair salons. It can be done on hair of any length and in any color. Balejaż illuminates the hair and gives it volume. Sometimes confused with the coloration and style ombre neglected because of unpleasant associations with the past era. However balejaż in the old style is completely at is its modern version.

Skillfully made balejaż looks very natural. This type of hair coloring should emphasize the natural beauty.

Balejaż It aims is lighten some parts of the hair and getting highlights the contrast between the colors on the head. It consists in applying to the different strands of hair of different shades of paint. Correct performance balejażu requires skill and practice The hairdresser in an appropriate Return matching color. As a result, the hair should be one of the base color. The rest of the shades of hair strands is an illuminating extras.

Balejaż - what mistakes not to make?

  • Remember That balejażu before the cut tip destroyed.
  • Avoid a situation in Which after the coloring change hairstyle or hair length, because it can destroy the effect balejażu.
  • Do not perform more than three coloring during the year, it will weaken the hair.
  • Do not decide on colors balejażu strongly deviating from the natural shade of your hair, not to get an artificial effect.

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Balejaż on the hair - hair in a number of shades. What is balejaż?

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Balejaż and ombre coloring, sombre - what is the difference?

Fashion for little ombre gone into oblivion. Immediately after the biggest trend you or otherwise sombre called babylights / flamboyage, Which also consisted of some parts of lightening hair - starting at the base of the head, in the middle of Their length, and not so far - at the ends. With the ever-changing trends and connecting them formed another fashionable coloring - balejaż sombre. There are two techniques combined coloring.

This type balejażu luminous contrast is Obtained on the hair (Approximately half of Their length) to reflections. This treatment is to help Obtain a hair lightness. Balejaż and highlights Highlights are drawn on the film or individual strands of hair bonnet are subjected dyed color. While balejaż is to be a play of colors on the head. They are small bands of different thicknesses although they usually we are very thin. In balejażu shades of paint should naturally be combined and mixed. Poorly made balejaż gives so. zebra effect on the head.

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How much balejaż?

There is no Generally Accepted The prices for balejażu in the living room. Primarily it depends on the location in Which it is performed. It consists of, among others, the number of shades That will be used during dyeing. The more there are, the balejażu price Increases.

The key issue is the length of the hair. Ladies with short hair, of course, will pay much less than women Whose hair is very long. Price for balejaż can range from 85 to 300 dollars.

Balejaż then and now

Formerly they balejaż Performed a wide bands of hair starting from the top of the head to the ends. The effect was unnatural and at first glance it was interference hairdresser. Currently stylists rely on natural hairstyles. Balejaż it is only emphasize the color of the hair. Ideally, if executed on a very thin bands using several close to each other in terms of color tone.

Fashionable now balejaż is not executed from the top of the head - coloration begins in mid-length hair. Such treatment is to give lightness and volume hairstyle.

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