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Beauty treatments in the autumn. Which treatments to in the fall?

Beauty treatments in the autumn. Which treatments to in the fall?Beauty treatments in the autumn. Which treatments to in the fall?
Beauty treatments, Which is Carried out in the autumn, allow the skin Primarily it regain a healthy appearance after the summer, and by the way her prepare for the upcoming winter. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion or light IPL Photorejuvenation treatments that you 'should just do the autumn!

some beauty treatments should perform at A Certain time of the year. Autumn is a special time of the year, when the skin has it recover after prolonged sunlight, very often dehydrated and limp, so it needs special care. It is worth Noting, autumn is the preferred time to perform procedures because the weather is relatively stable - there is no frost or strong sun, and the humidity is right. The Therefore, the plan for intensive treatments just for this time of year. Which of them is best done in the fall?

Beauty treatments in the autumn: laser hair removal

One of the contraindications for laser hair removal is too tanned skin, so do not decide this surgery in the summer. In autumn, when the tan fades, and the skin regenerate it, Reducing the risk of burns as a result of the laser. In addition, the same procedure also does not expose wydepilowanej parts of the body is the sunlight.

Why perform epilation autumn? This is supported by another argument. For several weeks, the treatment should not break the hairs, Which are to be removed, so you need to forget about using the appliance and wax, Which in the summer when you want to wear short skirts and shorts, it is quite cumbersome.

Beauty treatments in the autumn: microdermabrasion

Why microdermabrasion is best done in the fall? As in the case of hair removal it Significant Is That solar radiation is much smoother, making the skin even after the most invasive surgery is not exposed this harmful radiation.

Operation of mechanical exfoliation with special heads, diamond or alumina leads to the removal of the horny layer of the skin. Depending on your needs can be either subtle or profound, if its purpose is to be a profound renewal of the skin or the fight against hyperpigmentation. After microdermabrasion skin is devoid of the horny layer, but by then it Becomes much softer and more susceptible is harmful external factors. The Therefore, even if the surgery is Performed in late autumn, you should protect your skin from the sun cream or emulsion filter UVA and UVB rays with an SPF of at least 30 (preferably 50).

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Beauty treatments in the autumn: light IPL Photorejuvenation

Why should perform Photorejuvenation autumn or winter? First of all, because the sunlight is much smoother, so your skin has time to recover.

Beauty treatments in the autumn. Which treatments to in the fall?Light IPL Photorejuvenation involves the issuing of cosmetic laser waves That Stimulate located in the skin fibroblasts, the cells That produce collagen and elastin. These are proteins, Which are Responsible for skin elasticity and hydration. In addition, waves of the IPL laser acting on melanocytes (pigment cells), helping remove this discoloration Caused summer.

Beauty treatments in the autumn: the reduction of dilated light IPL

Treatment using laser and IPL can be done to Eliminate the so-called. spiders, since the laser light Causes a contraction of the blood vessels as a result of selective photothermolysis (controlled burns). Expanded blood vessels are sometimes visible under the skin, because they can not withstand the veins and blood pressure regularly instead of shrink and unclench - expand and burst. How is using IPL laser treatment?

The Emitted light energy from the laser is absorbed by hemoglobin contained in blood, whereby blood "cut down" and destroys the inside wall of the blood vessel Which, after a specific time is regenerated automatically box or removed from the body.

After the procedure, the reduction of dilated skin Becomes more sensitive, so do not expose it to sunlight or apply cosmetics. It is also forbidden to use the sauna and taking physical exercise as this can cause permanent vascular injury. This is why the fall is best to opt for surgery vascular occlusion.

Cosmetic procedures on autumn: chemical peels acids

The main reason for acid peels are Performed in the autumn, is, as in the case of mikodermabrazji, less solar radiation at this time of year. As a result, the skin after exfoliation of the epidermis will be less exposed is harmful external factors. Besides summer skin often suffers from allergies or irritation Caused by excessive exposure to the sun, so definitely do not expose it to additional radiation.

Peeling Performed acids in the autumn is to get rid of the old, dried-out skin. After the treatment the skin is noticeably smoother and brighter, and discoloration and wrinkles less visible. In addition, the regular use of scrubs acids Stimulate the skin's collagen and consequently produce a Significant smoothing wrinkles. It is worth remembering that moisturize the skin after the procedure, because the process of exfoliation lasts up to four days. The treatment must be repeated several times to get the most optimal effect.

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