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Brew coffee from acorns – prescription and useful properties

Brew coffee from acorns - prescription and useful propertiesWaking up early in the morning, there is nothing That sets up for the next working day as a cup of coffee. Oh yes, says the majority of fans of this wonderful drink That perfectly Entitled to say That the ceremony this morning gives enough energy to come to terms with the inevitable working day, even on Sunday.

However, not all as smoothly as we would like. Yes, people with high blood pressure will understand what I am saying. Not all pleasant, unfortunately, is that the same useful.

What do you ask if your health does not allow to use this natural natural stimulant? The simple answer is this banality. He literally lying under your feet!

Autumn days walking through the forest, in certainly admire the majestic beauty of the huge oaks. Some collected acorns to some crafts for children. But few know That from acorns can prepare tasty and healthy drink That is perfect for both healthy and people with various cardiovascular diseases.

The healing properties of acorns

The healing properties of acorns have been known since time immemorial. Conducting excavations on the Mediterranean Sea, Archaeologists have found an ancient settlement existed 5000 years ago, in furnaces Which prints acorns were found. And in Japan found an acorn, According To Whose age scientists, is 3900 years old.

And the most amazing thing Is That when it is planted, it grew from a tree.

In its composition, acorns are very nutritious. These include a variety of minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, sugar, fatty oils and tannins. In addition, they CONTAIN and flavonol Quercetin, a substance That Promotes removal of various edema, and has antioxidant and diuretic properties.

In folk medicine, acorn broth used in the treatment of enuresis, various disorders of the female and male reproductive system, disorders of the stomach.

How to make coffee from acorns

Harvest acorns should be in September-October, when they finally ripe.

Due to the fact That acorns are PERISHABLE, Immediately after harvest they should peel and dried. Drying takes place as follows: peeled acorns spread on a baking sheet and put in preheated oven for five minutes until they acquire a dark brown color.

Once the acorns have cooled, they should peel and grind in a coffee grinder.

The Resulting powder was filled in a Turk and cook like regular coffee. It is better if a Turk is copper, because copper is better retains and distributes heat. Today, a well-deserved popularity acquire copper Turks. They will not only Comply with all standards of good pots, but also decorated with an original pattern: a bunch of grapes, the Mustang, an eagle, a lion. In such a Turk gives a very original drink, the taste is somewhat reminiscent of cocoa with milk.

By the way milk and sugar can also be added to the acorn coffee taste.

Drink from acorns is very useful for children with asthma, bronchitis and cough, as well as for people who have heart disease.


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