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Brew coffee in Turku

Brew coffee in Turku

Every day, most people start the day with Their Herculean porridge and a cup of coffee.

Coffee can be prepared in different ways. A good option is to cook it in Turku, at the time of its preparation of fragrance will spread throughout the apartment.

It is best to grind the grain before the actual cooking process, so the fresh smell That has not disappeared. There are several types of grinding: large, medium and small.

It is worth Noting That the fact the finer grind the grain, the faster rising coffee. Dishwasher select the filtered water. To taste a bit of effort you can put on the bottom of the Turks a small piece of refined sugar, either as a pinch of salt, that you choose depends on your preferences. By the way, coffee, good to drink a bit of sugar and pastries.

That interesting recipes can be found at http: // recepty1. ru.

Let's go back to making coffee.

One glass of water falls one teaspoon of powder.


Take Turku fall asleep grain, recently milled, pour it in filtered water and put on a small fire. While brewed, be close to the coffee did not run to the plate, and did not have to prepare another new batch.

It is Necessary to wait until the moment when the drink starts to boil, and the top cap will not foam.
Brew coffee in Turku
Remember, it is not Necessary to boil, you need only bring to a boil - this is a very important point.

Once the coffee has reached With the desired temperature - 100 degrees, it is Necessary remove and leave it for a short time to foam fell.

Then again put Turk on fire. After a dry That action is Necessary to repeat the same one or two times, it all depends on the type of meal and, of course, on the size of the Turks.

Once the coffee is cooked, leave it for a few minutes. While pour a cup of hot water for warming, then drain.

After That, pour the coffee into cups with foam. Now you can bring to the table. That's all the wisdom of brewing coffee in Turku.


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