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Calorie recipes and coffee with sugar and milk

Calorie recipes and coffee with sugar and milkThere are many variations of coffee with sugar and milk. Basically, drinking coffee THUS made in the Old World countries, where it Became widely used only in the 17th century. Since sugar and milk significantly soften the bitter taste and sharp enough Europeans prefer a coffee drink.

In the East, they like to drink clean without impurities, except with the addition of various spices.

Recipes of coffee with milk and sugar
Calorie recipes and coffee with sugar and milk
Here are a few variations of cooking: Coffee-Warsaw It is prepared on the basis of regular black coffee, Which is brewed with a small amount of water. Then added a filtered coffee milk sugar and melted, the mixture is heated and brought to a boil. Serve with foam removed in advance from the warm milk into the cup. Coffee is brewed Directly italyanskiTakoy coffee with milk, Which is filtered in a cup. Separately fed sugar and desirably fine sand.

Coffee-cheshskiGotovitsya of a mixture of jam, strong, black coffee with milk in a ratio of 2: 1 coffee with milk and saharomI, of course, the classic recipe, for us habitual coffee with milk and sugar. It prepare two portions will need two cups of espresso, boiled warm milk and sugar. Strong espresso is poured into a large cup and added to taste the warm milk and sugar, if desired, mix well.

Those who are sitting on a diet do not forget That the above drink enough calories because of the dry additives as milk and sugar. This coffee with dietary or desire to Maintain and graceful figure, it is better to replace the usual black coffee without any additional ingredients, where only 2 calories. In addition, the beneficial properties of coffee will accelerate the body's metabolism to help lose weight more Effectively.

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