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Can I drink red tea during pregnancy

Can I drink red tea during pregnancyEvery expectant mother before you try this or That product, ask yourself the question: "Is it my child does not hurt?" Just as women experience it is possible to drink red tea during pregnancy, because many of the products for 9 months apr be banned.

It often happens That the coffee is contraindicated for pregnant women, so it would be desirable, that would at least tea was permitted a drink. Particular attention should be paid to the red tea, Which has recently been more and more often come across on the shelves.

Oolong tea for pregnant women

Many people like to pamper yourself and your future miracle delicious cup of tea. And everyone knows That with magic These beverage in the body gets a large number of various trace elements and organic substances.

The benefits of red tea for pregnant women

As part of the red tea also there are substances Those That Can Affect favorably the health of the expectant mother and the child. For example, such a substance as methionine. It helps it improve digestion and suppress discomfort after taking smoked or fatty foods.

A substance catechins have antioxidant properties, the effect of Which is 100 times stronger than vitamin C. That of Also, the tea beverage is rich in trace elements, Which are very valuable for the proper development of the baby - .. Zinc, fluorine, proteins, etc. Do not forget about the main and influential component of any tea beverage - caffeine.

Effects of caffeine during pregnancy

Oolong tea is produced by a special unique technology, through Which Increases the fermentation process. No wonder among tea lovers, he is Considered one of the best for its curative and taste. It contained a fair amount of caffeine, and so women in a better position to be limited to small portions or completely abandon the drink. Japanese scientists and conducted a study and Concluded That the amount of caffeine, Which is found in red tea adversely Affect the collection of fetal weight. And so, if this fairly indulge in a drink, there is a risk of low birth weight baby is born.

Caffeine also Increases blood pressure and accelerate the heart rate. This action is fraught with additional strain on the heart of a pregnant woman, without Which it operates in dual mode. Plus caffeine in conjunction with teofelinnom, also available in red tea, Acquires powerful diuretic properties badly That Can Affect the mother's kidney.

Caffeine also stimulates the nervous system That can cause insomnia or just bad for the mood of pregnant women.

How to drink red tea with benefit

If, however, you want to treat yourself to this drink, do not do it more than twice a day. The most important thing to know how to brew oolong tea, if you are in an interesting position. You just need to halve the usual proportion. This eyebrow and the cup of tea you need to take half a teaspoon of tea leaves. Brew with hot water.

This tea you can add your favorite candy, if desired. It will also be good if the tea beverage to a third dilute milk, it will soften the effects of caffeine, and also enhance the beneficial properties of tea. Health and mood of the expectant mother and her baby depends on the product, Which it feeds.

So you need to responsibly select the best of the best.

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