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caramel coffee

caramel coffee

Coffee - one of the most popular beverages in the world. There are many different ways to cook it. Someone loves espresso, latte someone, someone most pleasant mokiyato someone cappuccino.

In various cafes and restaurants, a coffee prepared in the coffee machines, at home it is brewed Directly into the cup, but true Connoisseurs of brewed coffee in Turku. This method of preparation is the most optimal. It is an entire coffee ceremony.

I used to drink coffee, but the first time you tried to brew coffee, fell in love with him and now only drink it!

There are many ways that prepare coffee in Turku, I want to present you my favorite recipe! It is Characterized by its incredible caramel flavor.

Cooking time - 15 minutes.

Number of servings - 2 portions.

It is the caramel prepare coffee in Turku, we need:

- coffee beans - 50 grams;

- sugar - 3 teaspoons;

- cinnamon stick - 1 piece;

- water - 250 grams.

Most coffee flavored caramel freshly Obtained from grains and it is not so harmful as a conventional soluble coffee, Which contains a large number of flavors, preservatives and colorants. So to start on a coffee grinder Peremel grain.

Take the coffee beans. 2 tablespoons of coffee put in the grinder.

Expose the Necessary grinding speed, I often use a high speed. And a minute later we get our freshly ground coffee.

It prepare the caramel coffee beans need a Turk. This vessel, Which has a narrow neck through Which flavor of the drink is not volatilized, allowing it fully enjoy the great taste of "black gold". In most Turks made of copper, brass, stainless steel.

Turku add 3 teaspoons of sugar and put on a slow fire. There is a tradition in Turku coffee on the hot sand, but at home it is not very convenient, so prepare to ordinary plate.

Sugar should melt and buy caramel color, make sure That the sugar is not burned out, otherwise the drink will acquire a bitter taste.

caramel coffee
Once the sugar has melted and turns into caramel pour in Turk glass of cold, clean water.

There also add a cinnamon stick, Which will give our drink incredible characteristic aroma.

Once the water starts to boil, pull out the cinnamon stick.

Turk and add 2 teaspoons freshly ground coffee (you can also use coffee, milled in advance, but it can quickly lose its taste, smell, essential oils).

You can not for a moment to move away from the plate. And it should be briefly zasmotretsya in TV or in the window, and "runs" coffee!

As soon as the coffee foam will rise, Immediately remove from heat Turk.

Leave it to brew for a while. After a minute, you can pour the coffee into cups, but not completely, because the bottom is the sediment.

Here are our caramel and coffee ready. You can enjoy its wonderful taste and aroma of caramel. This coffee cheer and give strength and energy for the whole day.

And one more advice never tell your friends recipe of coffee in Turku, let it be your secret, and you will always be able surprise them is such a wonderful drink.

Caramel Coffee Shake Recipe with Havells Induction Cooker by Chef Saransh Goila