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Care consistent with SKIN TYPE. How to care for your face?

Care consistent with SKIN TYPE. How to care for your face?Care consistent with SKIN TYPE. How to care for your face?

facial skin betrays everything. On the face, at a glance, you can see the first signs of aging, fatigue and stress. It will be like facial skin depends largely on how we take care of it. The Therefore, care should be adjusted to the skin type.

Facial Skin Care pays off only when it is properly chosen. Diagnosis of skin type that allows you customize individual care.

The appearance of the skin is affected by both genetic and disease plaguing us bad habits and care. The latter take the bridge from the usual unconsciousness. When you are not able this DETERMINE type of skin, you are also able is select the proper care. The effect of this procedure is most often acquire bad habits and care to repeat them for a long time, and the deteriorating condition of the skin is a reflection of Merely These rituals.

The skin regenerates itself - its cells divide and migrate from the lowest layers to the top of the epidermis to reach the dead. There peel off and the process starts again. Replacement of skin cells takes about 28 days.

THUS, put aside the best cosmetic Their habits and needs Consider what does your complexion. Determine the type and on this basis deploy new methods of care. Both cosmetics and Their application, as well as professional treatments will help bring order to the skin. If you can not accurately DETERMINE your skin type or condition of dynamically changing, visit the Dermatologist, who will decide on preliminary examination of possible treatment.

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Specify the type of skin and choose a method of caring

Until recently it was believed That there are three types of skin: dry, oily and combination. However, this traditional division changed.

- They are guilty of environmental pollution, excessive use of the sun and the abuse of strong cosmetics. Sometimes, eg., So That the owner tormented acne have problems with dry, sensitive complexion. Once, it would be impossible. Also gone into oblivion the name of acne, because the disease Affects many people over the age of thirty - Explains Dr. Joanna Rudowska-Okrasko, Dermatologist and cosmetics. - We now distinguish seborrheic skin (Including the division of the oily skin and overdried), dry and dehydrated skin and sensitive skin (vascularized, with a tendency that allergies and hypersensitivity).

Good cream '' on the day '' is less than 20 percent. Fat May be used for makeup. It has a light texture. Until recently, popular were heavy creams '' night '', heavily oiling. They formed a thick layer on the skin, Which counteracts the escape of water from the skin. Thanks to you this morning clearly hydrated complexion, wrinkles shallower. However, skin cream after washing with water and rapidly he indulged again Became desiccated. So now they Began to fade creams on the differences between night and day.

- There are women who use cream are lifelong and highly praise himself. If skin Responds well to the formulation, there is no reason to change it. In fact, cosmetic Continues to operate, but with age changes the physiology of our skin - says Joanna Rudowska-Okrasko.

- Let us watch it. Cosmetic changes in Accordance with its needs. Sometimes, the skin reacts badly that cosmetics and you have to constantly look for new ones. Changes to exploration and prompts us also have a huge choice in the market. It is proven that trust the advice of a beautician, and if we are serious problems, you will need to visit a Dermatologist.

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Change your habits to care for your skin

  1. Follow a diet. Light, rich in vegetables, fruits, animal proteins. Deficiency of protein in the diet in women after the age of 40, makes the skin Becomes thin, limp and not very resilient.
  2. Drink bottled water. Good hydration is not only cosmetics, but also appropriate Return the water content in the dermis.
  3. Move up in the air. Oxygenated complexion is radiant. Adequate blood flow makes it easier that absorb the nutrients contained in cosmetics.
  4. sleep a lot. At night, the body regenerates cells, Including skin. Cell division asleep run twice as fast as the same absorption. It is a pity that deprive the cheapest and most natural cosmetics.
  5. Do not smoke. Each cigarette smoked weakens the facial skin microcirculation for a few hours. This Means That at that time the skin hardly breathe. That is why smokers have żółtoszarą complexion, often heavily wrinkled with age.
  6. Forget about scrubbing your face with soap and vigorously toweling. Use a liquid face wash, the pH is acidic. Oily choose Formulations containing salicylic acid.

Care consistent with SKIN TYPE. How to care for your face?

Follow a diet for a beautiful complexion

Care Skin begins inside the body. Vitamins and minerals from eating blood vessels migrate into the dermis and THUS nourish it. What to eat it even better care of your skin and its good condition?

  • Vitamin A Promotes regeneration and desquamation of the skin and regulates the amount of secreted sebum. With its absence can lead a hyperkeratosis (ie. Skin toads). The Therefore, eat carrots and dried apricots.
  • Vitamin E It is called the fountain of youth, because he fights free radicals,. It also Affects the formation of connective tissue. The best source of this vitamin are vegetable oils, nuts, sunflower seeds and almonds.
  • Vitamin C not only it helps with colds. It has a very important influence on the synthesis collagen, It protects against ultraviolet radiation, strengthens blood vessels. It is a bridge in her fresh fruits, especially currants and citrus.
  • Vitamin B They add extraordinary beauty skin. They found in milk in a variety of forms, cereal products, leguminous plants, almonds and walnuts. You should Know That scarcity vitamin B6 It Causes inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes, and seborrhea. If the miss vitamin B5, rogowacieje skin excessively, and the deficiency vitamin B2 cracking corners of the mouth.
  • Zinc counteracts acne pospolitemu. There is plenty of it in embryos, wheat bran and pumpkin seeds.
  • EFA, i.e. essential fatty acids that reduce the fragility of blood vessels. People have a tendency to "spider veins" That should take care Their menus often occurred vegetable oils and margarine, walnuts and sunflower seeds.

Use the appropriate Return cosmetics for skin problems

Most women usually we looking for either a moisturizing creams or matting. The term '' moisturizing skin '' arose when it was thought that you 'can Increase the water content in the skin by simply putting it from the outside, eg. To wet wraps. Today, specialists Know That the roles of cosmetic moisturizer is not to make the water in the skin, but only limit its escape from the dermis. moisturizing creams they typically compris a highly hygroscopic, or water-binding. Belongs to them hyaluronic acid.

In turn, the skin matting is nothing like regulation of secretion of sebum. exfoliation, or exfoliation will remove dead cells and sebum and unclog pores. So work on your skin, fruit acids, salicylic acid, lactic acid.

Once treated with seborrhea sulfur, but they abandoned it because it irritates the skin. That also believed oily skin you need to dry out strongly, eg. alcohol or alkaline soap (skin is acidic). The effect was counterproductive. The skin devoid of the natural protective layer Became gray and drawn. So quickly commissioned tallow glands Increased production of sebum. Modern cosmetics that moisturize oily skin and normalize the sebaceous glands.

Do not fight over the suet

sebaceous glands They produce an oily liquid, Suitable hair and skin elasticity. They are not on the hands and soles of the feet. Then mixed with the fat on the body surface forms a layer of water-in-oil emulsion.

Acidic sebum antibacterial, antifungal.

That this lipid layer of the skin and nourishes Prevents drying out and cracking. Sebum protects the skin and makes it more flexible. However, when it is too much, it Creates a problem. Problems with excessive secretion of sebum are especially visible on the face, Which the fat is shining, the most common is also covered with pustules. There are two types of sebaceous glands, in some places there are even a few hundred on 1cm2.

  • eccrine - distributed all over the body, mostly on the soles. They secrete sweat on the skin Which Creates an acidic environment.
  • apocrine - They are under the armpits, chest and around the reproductive organs. They begin to act in puberty. Here sweat contains a lot of organic compounds - is a great breeding ground for bacteria. Indelible smells bad. It is our bait contains pheromones.

Each of us then separated from ekrynowym approx. 1.5 liters of water a day. In extreme conditions (heat, running fast, stress) up to 10 liters.

Good to know

Do not play in squeezing the pimples, blackheads

Sebaceous gland produces too much sebum, Which can not escape entirely from living pilosebaceous. Easily adheres to the skin of dust, debris, makeup, any contamination, sloughed cells. Estuary lives clog it. The tubule is formed pin. The result blackhead. At the beginning it is white. Under the effect of Increasing the pressure channel is opened and the fat located at the outlet darkens on contact with air. This dark dot is called a blackhead.

After some time, the fat contained therein is decomposed by the ubiquitous bacteria. This inflammation leads and a pimple is formed. Do not squeeze it, because it can lead this infection. Also in the run That risk instead of the outside, the contents of the pimples is in the depths of the skin. Pimple special preparations should dry out until it Succeeds.


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