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Care HAIR summer: how to protect your hair from the sun and salt water?

Care HAIR summer: how to protect your hair from the sun and salt water?Care HAIR summer: how to protect your hair from the sun and salt water?

The sun makes the hair fade, lose shine and begin to break up. Especially if you are thin and rather dry. How to take care of summer hair? First of all, use of hair cosmetics UV filters. It is also important moisturizing them after returning from the beach.

Hair from the sun and salt water to dry out and fade. The Therefore, use a moisturizing mask and protective preparations

Why summer hair They are brighter, but clearly destroyed and more dry? That natural shield protects hair from the sun, It is melanin, the pigment of the cortex. The more melanin, the better the protection. The Therefore, UV resistant hair are dark, and more prone blonde, bleached, dyed and gray.

As the sun destroys the hair?

When lazing in the sun, wandering in the mountains or swim, ultraviolet rays destroy your hair. The sun slowly unseal the cuticle, Which is Composed of overlapping scales - says Urszula Kozłowska, Melitus Dermatologist's office in Warsaw. - It is a process analogous That is the That Occurs during dyeing. Parted scales reveal the cortex of the hair, and UV damage included in its composition of proteins. This leads it irreversible damage as a result of Which the hair to break.

After a few days in the sun also in the notice that the color of our hair Becomes brighter. This natural balejaż looks beautiful, but it is, unfortunately, a sign of damage to the hair. UV rays They oxidize melanin and because it changes from a brown color to beige. Malicious activity intensifies the sun or the sea water swimming pool. Its particles act like a lens - focused ultraviolet rays. After bathing in the sea or pool hair is hard, rough and poorly comb it. This is the effect of the salt or chlorine. It is Eliminate it, you need every time out of the water thoroughly rinse the head under the shower.

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How to protect your hair from the sun?

On sunny days, you have to protect your hair as well as skin care. They are needed so hair cosmetics with filters. In drug stores you can find a whole range of formulations are designed specifically for use on the sun. Such products CONTAIN filters in addition is a moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating, for example. Ceramides, vitamin A, B, E, F, H, jojoba oil, Marine Collagen and macadamia oil. During the day you have on hand spray mist - Do not spray her hair regularly every few hours or after each exit from the bath.

If you forgot to bring a cosmetic, since poverty can also rub the hair remnants of a protective cream That has been in his hands after lubrication of the body. When you are applying the preparation to have a filter, be sure it apply for a hat or head scarf - the higher the temperature, Which produce under it, it will make your hair will absorb much more valuable components.

  • Remember That the hair does not dry in direct sunlight, because it only further Top destroys them. With a wet head is best to sit several minutes under an umbrella or in the shade. Do not remove the hair or to squeeze excess water from them - when they are wet, Their scales are open, and then very easy for damage. After drying strands fasten worth, especially if they are long. Remember, however, not to use thin rubber bands wżynających is because the damage already sensitized hair. Much better left wristbands or plastic clips.

Care HAIR summer: how to protect your hair from the sun and salt water?It will be useful to you

Gels, sprays, mousses UV filter

In the summer they look best hair combed by wind, but for the people That Regardless of the season can not live without the Means To styling, cosmetics manufacturers came up with UV filters. Such formulations are Facilitate hair styling, they give them a shine and Prevent the loss of pigment.

Hair Care after returning from the beach

After returning from the beach thoroughly wash your hair and scalp best shampoo from sunny series. then Apply regenerating conditioner - the same hair and not the scalp, because in this way you speed up production tallow. To wash, use warm water, through Which easily Removes fat and remnants of cosmetics, but is better suited rinse water is cold, because it closes the hair scales.

Remember, too, that after a day in the sun hair requires a decent clean, so it's best to wash them twice. Every 2-3 days you should also use a special mask - the best that was in the same line as shampoo and conditioner. Such a cosmetic contains more of regenerating. Masks need to use regularly, especially if you have long hair, because they are far more susceptible to damage.


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Hair Coloring Increases Their sensitivity to the sun

Just before you go on holiday it is better not to dye and lighten hair. Such treatment is always more or less over-dry them, so will be less defended themselves from the sun. Besides, if you are going to spend the whole day on the beach, and so is the color fades slightly, so do not waste time and money. However, once ufarbowałaś hair, Remember That artificial pigment is not protected in the same way as natural, even if you decide a dark color. That is why the beach is absolutely Necessary cosmetics with UV filters. For cleaning you can use a traditional shampoo for hair colored, although the drug is already available special series after the sun for this type of hair.

HOW TO: Protect Your Hair From The Sun, Chlorine, Salt Water!

How to Protect Your Hair from the Sun