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Carte Noire coffee brand story and range

Carte Noire coffee brand story and rangeContents: History brendaCarte NoireNe much about roasting beans Maps NuarAssortimentHitrosti

History brendaCarte Noire

The origin of this coffee brendatesno due to the well-known person by the name of Rene Mune - a person who has created a wonderful and memorable drink. In the 70s of the last century, he Introduced the world's coffee brands of the Grand-Mere, Which is appreciated by most palates, and by the end of the 80s he developed The Following classes:

carte Rouge

carte Noire

carte Bleu

Among the range presented in the leaders raised himself Carte Noire, Which is loved by gourmets for its special taste and refined fragrance. Also remembered for beverage packaging method of the original product. Those in days, Carte Noire coffee was packaged in vacuum packaging, which was Considered an innovative approach, and, consequently, a breakthrough in the coffee industry. It consists of 100% Arabica, Which is collected solely on elite plantations, Therefore Relates to a coffee Series "Premium".

Brand has become so well-known in France, Which in the early 80s it bought a large enterprise "Jacobs". The company managed to bring this kind of coffee in the luxury segment, the price of which was high enough. To date, "Jacobs" enterprise products are in great demand due to excellent quality.

Not a lot of Carte Noire

Many who has ever tried this variety, noted his "magical" properties. The advertising slogan of proof, it's really capable Arouse this desire. The product is rapidly conquered the whole of Europe, and then came to Russia and Became a favorite of many. Carte Noire - is a classic drink, Which is preferable to drink in the morning, because he perfectly invigorates. On the palate there are many shades, Which once again emphasizes its exclusivity.

Compared are other varieties of coffee, it has no bitterness, even if it is consumed in the form of cooled down. Enough to inhale aroma of freshly Carte Noire as your morning will be filled with bright colors. Excellent quality is Obtained through:

strict selection of only the finest beans;

special roasting techniques;


It comes in two versions - soluble and beans. And more popular in Russia got the Carte Noire in soluble form, as a furious rhythm of life dictates its own terms. Consumers are willing to receive only quality product effortlessly That can be cooked quickly.



The manufacturer does not aim it a continuously Increase its range, it works hard to Maintain a high quality product. To date, in the line of instant coffee, there are two varieties:

Decaffeinated - market is presented in version 1

millicano - presented in forms 3

Millicano - technological features

Each bead is perfectly in harmony and complement each other: two varieties of coffee - ground and instant.

Arabica are finely milled, Which gives the beverage each time the taste of the preparation just brewed.

Totally lacking any additives (aromatic, flavoring).

Instant coffee is packaged in the package Following versions:

Video: Breakfast. seductive French

with caffeine

"French perfection" - is marketed in a glass jar, it is a classical one.

"French elegance" is packed with 2 grams in each Stick, Serving Size.

French originality - comes on the shelves in the package with the original solid clasp.

without caffeine

"French romance" - has a sophisticated flavor, packed in glass jars.

Blends in grain and molotomCarte Noire French are very sensitive to the preparation of coffee, they have this procedure is Considered a ritual, during Which arranged the most genuine family gatherings. They are able to sit for hours in the café and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee. In the morning, they prefer to eat drink milk at lunch time - a strong option, and in the evening - any species. Certainly most of them prefer the coffee beans.

Carte Noire is made of pure Arabica premium quality, Which is collected on the best plantations in Brazil, Africa and South America. Blending has been a professional person who Specializes in this area and has a great taste. Harvested beans are roasted Separately for each class, and only then they are sent to the blending process.

For perfect grade masters took a lot of time and experience. Carte Noire is divided into The Following types:

French temptation - the market is presented in forms of grain.

French perfection - is produced in the form of a hammer.

French style - a special series "Expresso", used for coffee machines.

French finesse - a limited range, called Velours, has a mild flavor and a pleasant aroma.

Stealth roasted beans

Roasting the secret lies in a special technology called "Fire and Ice". First, the grain is heated to a temperature and at a Certain moment they instantly cooled. This is Necessary in order that preserve the flavor of the grains and reveal as many different flavors as possible.

It is important to know! It's really get pleasure from this map Noir is important to watch what you buy. Inspect the packaging and look for «Kraft Foods» company inscription, as well as the drink itself must be written Precisely - "Carte Noire" and nothing more.

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