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Chinese tea ceremony with video

Chinese tea ceremony with videoTea ceremony - is an Art that everyone can immerse in the magical and mysterious world of traditions of the East. Tea - is not just a drink, it is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine and culture. And so is the tea ceremony in the skies are very kind.

The Chinese are the pioneers of the tea ceremony. It was they who taught the art of other nations present a pleasant, nice tea and entertainment. According them this, the tea - a drink able That is it satisfy the human soul # 171; Vital fire # 187; and relieve him of thirst.

Chinese monks Consider tea tree - one of the wisest of plants around the world. Tea Ceremony in China called # 171; gongfu cha # 187;, Which translated into Russian Means # 171; The highest art of tea # 187;. Guests are always welcomed in China cup of fresh, hot tea.

This is Their sign of love and friendship of intentions for Their fellowmen.

The history of Chinese tea ceremony

Tea Ceremony in China Appeared in the time of the creation of the school of Da Mo. Tea has taken a very important place in the Chinese temple rituals, and Eventually throughout Chinese society. And already in the beginning of the eighth century, tea ceremony, has become a real tradition. And at the same ceremony the role at that time was very important.

For example, the Tea Party was an element of some rituals, Means conversations between writers, poets and philosophers.

The meaning of the Chinese tea ceremony

Thanks to the tea ceremony, you can unleash the full flavor and taste of all the features of this delicious drink. Even if you want to drink tea quickly, then no it does not work - the gentle, slow music, Which comes from the bamboo flute, relaxes and makes enter the world of magic. The process of the tea ceremony fills the soul with peace Involved, while house stops.

According to the Chinese monks, CORRECTLY ceremonies is able to use all five elements (wind, fire, wood, water and earth).

Preparations for the ceremony

Before the ceremony must be installed in the room atmosphere of harmony and peace, then prepare a special dish. Tea leaves to be brewed, pour into a special box called # 171; # 187;. Chah

Terms of tea

After a tea ceremony, everything is ready, the Chinese boil water, but not as much as we used to. There are some specific Requirements: water should be spring, or at least a mild taste. With fire water is taken only when It consists of large bubbles. Connoisseurs of tea ceremonies are not advised to rush and Immediately pour boiling water over the tea leaves. That they believe in the beginning you need to enjoy the flavor of the leaves themselves! It should be noted That also need to know how to make tea.

At first, he warmed teapot and only later spread to the tea leaves and pour boiling water. After the kettle and cover with lid and wrapped in a towel, swing clockwise.
Chinese tea ceremony with video
Rules of conversation during tea ceremony

According this ancient tradition, during the ceremony allowed to talk about the tea or tea, or God. His image is recommended that you 'squares and tea accessories.

God tea

It is important note that tea is a God, not a religious being, it is an ordinary person. He was a philosopher and a poet. His name - Lu Yu. God of tea he was recognized only after his death. In 790, he wrote a book # 171; Canon tea # 187;, or in other words # 171; The Sacred Book of Tea # 187;.

This work Consists of three volumes. It is absolutely painted all the details of the ceremony, beginning with spiritual peace and ending with a full tea preparation process. Most likely, prepare a tea, Which is prepared to Lu Yu, neither can they meter Chinese tea ceremony.

For example, he wrote That he only made tea from the waters of the mountain peaks, the population density is very low.

Video to hold the Chinese tea ceremony

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