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Coffee and France

Coffee and France

The first coffee house in France Appeared in 1672 thanks to the Italian Francesco Prokkopio.

The location was very good, opposite the famous Theater "Comedie Francaise". And it Attracted all the high society, where arranged the meeting.

So the coffee and turned into this romantic country from a simple drink into a real treat.

It is now impossible to imagine France without coffee. Names of modern coffee establishments went from the French. Each morning, the Frenchman starts with a cup of coffee with milk, of course, In Which poppy is undoubtedly fresh croissant and if breakfast is served Tortinka.
Coffee and France
And during the second French breakfast normally drink a cup of strong black coffee, dark and strong roasting. A huge amount of coffee consumed in restaurants after dinner. And no matter how cursed the doctors break the French tradition drink coffee with liquor and cigarettes and could not.

Truth well versed in the French delicacies, and do not recognize the coffee, Which is either heated or was prepared on the boiled water.

The French have a rest in cafes after work or household chores, as well as meet with friends or colleagues.

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