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Coffee beans – which one is better and how to choose for coffee machines

Coffee beans - which one is better and how to choose for coffee machinesToday on the shelves of stores multiple Represented a very large range of species and varieties of coffee drinks. They are available from almost all parts of our great planet. And it is not difficult to get lost in this diversity, Pestryaev bright jars, boxes and a variety of packages containing cereal, instant, ground, and other varieties of the coffee beverage.  

 What is better to choose a coffee beans

The most popular types of coffee are Arabica and Robusta, but the must not forget That this is a completely different kind. Best coffee experts called Arabica. But in view of the fact That its price is too high for many, often mixed with cheap Robusta, Arabica. These two kinds of mixed perfectly complement each other: Arabica has a richer flavor and a more Extractive Robusta infusion.

The Therefore, choose a cereal mixture. At the time of purchase of coffee need to focus on price, appearance, products, packaging, and, of course, the date of manufacture (or shelf life).


The most important criterion when choosing a pre-ground coffee, it serves its price, good coffee will have a low cost. But that does not mean you have to buy the most expensive coffee Kopi Luwak.


Pay attention to the type of coffee, because of ground coffee you can slip the ordinary chicory, Which is the official coffee substitute. The composition of These fakes can enter not only chicory, but also other substances. For example, it can be milled bones of dates, oranges, chestnuts, beets, carrots, acorns and more. The presence of dry contaminants can easily check otsypte bit of ground coffee on a clean sheet of paper, and carefully Consider its color and composition.

This coffee powder Consists only of homogeneous tissues and has a uniform color.


It is Necessary to pay great attention to the packaging of coffee, the most reliable That can save the whole taste and aroma of the coffee beans, is Considered to be vacuum packaging, Which is binding on the valve. The best option is Considered tin and glass. Precautions should be taken to the coffee in a plastic bag.

shelf life

Do not forget about the expiry date printed on the package, because it is very easy to fake release date and put on the counter overdue items. Recognize the old coffee flavor easily enough - no fresh coffee variety gorkly will not emit smell. The primary measure of fresh coffee is Considered a strong flavor.

Composition coffee bean

When roasting, In Which there are complex chemical processes That give the individual coffee taste and aroma.

The substances that Make up the grain kofeGlavnaya component of coffee - it's caffeine, Which Affects the stimulating effect of the beverage. The coffee also contains protein, fat, sugar, Which leads is its high nutritional value. As well as coffee also contains other substances:

Vitamins (PP, B2, B6)





How to choose a grain coffee for the home espresso machine

Coffee beans is better to buy only in specialized shops, as a professional sellers will help you select quality coffee and will give detailed information about each variety.

Opt for, it is a Necessary beans, the roasting process which took place recently, ideal if on the same day you buy it.

If you buy grain in bulk, you should very carefully look at the content. If you notice any debris or fragments of grains, you should ask the seller of the goods replace it or even abandon the purchase.

Grains should be the same size, even a golden color and a delicious flavor.

An ideal option for a coffee will be freshly ground coffee, because of his drink really is unique and will give you a great boost of energy and a lot of pleasure.

Of no little importance for pre-ground coffee beans for the different types of coffee machines is the packaging. Coarse grind should be packaged in vacuum packs only with a specialized valve. It was under These conditions, the coffee does not lose its valuable flavor.

Also, the quality of coffee is not packed in a plastic jar - only in glass or tin.

How to DETERMINE the quality of the coffee experience

There is a special method for Determining the quality of coffee for the content of unwanted impurities. We need to take a little deep container that pour clean water, and pour a little coffee. Really Clean, a real quality coffee and Immediately float to the surface of the water, and even over time, do not sink to the bottom. If coffee is of low quality, and impurities are present in its composition, then the pellets Immediately settle to the bottom of the container.

In this case, you can even change the color of water.

instead of O

The best coffee beans That, at the time of consumption that you 'will long to feel an unforgettable and pleasant aftertaste. only through long experiments and comparisons can be defined between its different varieties.

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