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coffee diet

coffee diet

In pursuit of a beautiful figure and beauty of your body ready for a lot people. It was invented by a myriad of diets That seemingly can now satisfy the taste of everyone. Some diets are very Restrictive, while others are Considered to be intrusive option.

Offer details see coffee diet.

Diet, if you divide them into two large groups, are divided into benign and very tough. The first are easier to follow them, but the latter will be fully effective and will help to throw so bored and Prevent extra kilos. Coffee diet, Which will be discussed in this article Refers to the hard and effective options.

Talk about the benefits of coffee is quite difficult, because on this subject among scientists and nutritionists all over the world so far there is debate. If you often drink coffee, then this will have a severe strain on the heart. On the other hand, the systematic use of the drink contributes to the lowering of blood pressure.

In addition, the coffee is recognized worldwide as an artificial stimulant for the body.

For more information about the benefits of coffee you can find in our article.

But when it comes to diet coffee as a way to lose weight, it is proven to be effective and widespread. Perhaps it is Necessary to look at in more detail.

Coffee diet: its use and function

Coffee diet is extreme but effective for Those Who want to quickly lose weight. This weight loss method is especially lovers of coffee. This flavored drink, in addition to all the above properties it is also an excellent diuretic.

The main principle of the diet and this includes: excrete excess liquid.

The second principle on Which diet works on the coffee - it's burning more calories. However, not so long ago, scientists were able is definitely refute other studies have argued That coffee That Increases the calories in the body. In fact, the coffee in the morning it is able Stimulate metabolism.

One cup of coffee the morning helps to get rid of three hundred calories. Also, the morning cup of coffee reduces the appetite and restores 20 # 37; Reserves in the body vitamins group R.

It is interesting! One hundred milliliters of black coffee without sugar contains nine calories.

Use of this type of diet is also the fact That the beverage composition includes antioxidants and organic acids. Thanks to them, coffee is able excrete free radicals, it is Prevent premature aging and the development of Certain diseases.

Common variants of coffee diet

diet options on this product range from very harsh is relatively benign. Each warrant different diets and dieting duration. The main thing in any diet is a Necessary consume only organic coffee of good quality.

Coffee Diet: 3 days minus three kilograms. The heaviest version of this diet. The diet has on the body is very heavy load, so it sticks are more than three days is absolutely contraindicated.

For three days, you just have to drink coffee, even without adding sugar or milk in it. You can also drink plain water. Every day during this diet they should leave kilogram.

coffee diet
The seven-day diet. A diet designed for a week, is less rigid. Reset can be up to seven kilograms. During this diet it is Necessary to forget about the existence of sugar and salt intake be reduced to the minimum amount.

During the diet you should eat a lot of liquid. Because coffee, as Stated above, is a diuretic. In addition to coffee in the day, it is desirable to drink two liters of plain water.

The seven-day diet coffee: the menu might look as follows. For breakfast only allowed a cup of coffee. In general, you can afford a couple of boiled eggs, salad of fresh tomatoes and cabbage, fish baked in foil, salad of boiled carrots.

Be sure to lunch and drink a cup of coffee. Also allowed for dinner salads, boiled meat. As for the drink, the evening is permitted only water.

The two-week diet coffee. The easiest option in the performance, and in 14 days you can lose up to eight kilograms. On the diet exactly need to forget about alcohol and sugar, do not eat fatty foods. As for the menu, it will be monotonous. For breakfast, of course, coffee, low-fat milk can be added if desired.

Lunch- 250 grams of boiled meat, an apple and coffee. For dinner - boiled bird and one green apple.

possible contraindications

Coffee diet for weight loss is very effective, but with the use of this drink must be very careful. Doctors admit to drink three cups of coffee a day to drink this Began to harm the nervous system. Necessarily have to brush your teeth after every coffee drinking because drink can harm tooth enamel.

Also, this diet is contraindicated in people who suffer from diseases of the circulatory system, peptic ulcer disease and hypertension.

Everything is good in moderation. The Therefore, choosing one or another version of the diet, above all, try to focus on yourself and on the general state of the organism.

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