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Coffee for the benefit of women’s health

Coffee for the benefit of women's health

After a cold winter, a period of emergency preening and dropping extra kilos from all the beautiful half of humanity. So what's all the same influence of coffee on the female body? The main value of caffeine - is pinolevaya acid. With its help the skin elasticity and maintains longer freshness, color and Improving its Preventing aging and also serves as a UV barrier.

Reputable cosmetic brands have long discovered the secret of caffeine and used it to build a rejuvenating Means, for elasticity and women's skin elasticity and rejuvenation of the face oval. The structure of valuable substances include caffeine That Encourage active lipolysis, helping in the fight against excess weight and body contouring.

Coffee contains a hormone of joy - serotonin, Which has a positive impact on the psycho-emotional state of women. Coffee partially protects the body from cancer of the female forms, tones the brain, and with constant use it is possible to avoid memory impairment in old age. We will reveal to you some secrets, as in coffee help to preserve the beauty and youthfulness.

Enjoy a coffee body wrap

For this wonderful treatments we need a coffee cake, already prepared beverage. Take a small quantity of oil cake and performing massaging motion, rub it in the problematic zone while enjoying excellent coffee aroma, the entire body toning. When all the desired areas of the body treated, wrap them with cling film and make a further Top 40-50 minutes at your leisure, reading a book, relaxing with a cup of your favorite coffee or playing sports. After That, take a shower, washing away coffee residues from the body without the use of detergents, and treat yourself to your favorite cream or lotion. Already after the first treatment you will notice the improvement of the body state.

Your skin will be more elastic, will become matt and velvety.

We use coffee every day

To arrange a home spa treatments each day, enough to add recycled coffee grounds to your favorite shower gel. If you suffer from severe dryness of the body, it is possible to mix coffee and gel is add a few drops of essential oil or olive oil. You can do every day to give a charge of vivacity and beauty of your body.

The impact of caffeine on the skin

Make a coffee facial mask: mix in equal proportions of expeller coffee, sour cream or yogurt, chicken egg yolk and a little honey. Apply the Resulting gruel to face and rest for 15 minutes, then we wash with warm water. The facial skin instantly gain fresh complexion, moisturize and tighten. Perfectly skin tones and strong brewed coffee, Which should be frozen in molds portion.

Rubbing the face twice a day, so the ice, you will Achieve excellent results in the care of the skin.

In carrying out any cosmetic procedures, most importantly a positive attitude. Learn to love yourself any, wear a smile in my heart and give generously is its people. Always emphasize its charm and personality. Start each new day with a good mood and a cup of your favorite coffee

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