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Coffee Frappe.

Coffee Frappe.

Coffee Frappe - a refreshing drink of coffee and milk. In fact, the coffee frappe - an ordinary espresso with ice. This recipe for coffee - a purely Greek Invention. It is popular in Greece and Cyprus, in other countries, is less common. Frappé coffee served cold, so it is good to drink in hot weather, when a cheer, but for hot drinks in the heat is simply impossible to think.

In general, the frappe (French - frappe - beat, hitting, pounding) - a method of supplying beverages in a tall glass with the addition of large amounts of finely crushed ice. All components of the frappe coffee whipped in a shaker, a mixer or a blender. The main thing is it forms a thick foam. When preparing this recipe for a drink glass filled with lots of ice - half or even more, it is better to finely chop.

Coffee frappe drink slowly through a straw, the only way to feel the full flavor.

The classic recipe of coffee frappe.

Coffee frappe on the classic recipe The Following ingredients are required:

double espresso - 20 ml;

milk - 150 ml;

ice - 10 cubes.

First of all it is a Necessary Crush the ice and put it in tall glasses. Prepare espresso and whip it in a blender with milk. Creamed mixture with milk coffee pour into glasses on ice.

Drink and drink it is Necessary through the tube.

Recipe Greek coffee frappe.

Frappé coffee on this recipe is prepared from soluble coffee, cold milk or cold water. You need The Following ingredients based on 2 glasses:

cold milk or water - 300 ml;

instant coffee - 4 bags;

sand sugar - to taste;

ice - cubes 8.

Soluble coffee mixed with cold milk or water. All to bring down to a thick foam. Whipping, you can use a mixer or blender.

Crushed ice is put in high glasses and add the whipped mix of a soluble coffee with milk (water) and sugar. Insert a straw and drink the drink.
Coffee Frappe.
Recipe coffee frappé with ice cream.

Coffee frappé with ice cream, we need:

espresso - 200 ml.

milk - 100 ml.

ice cream - 100 g

ice - cubes 8

grated chocolate

For this recipe frappe is better to prepare a double espresso. Milk with whip cream and a foam state. The high, transparent glasses put impaled ice and pour the frothed milk with ice cream. Then it poured coffee (it is Necessary to drain). Do not stir the drink for beautiful streaks in the glass.

At least sprinkle with grated chocolate. Serve with a straw, Immediately after cooking. Coffee Frappe - drink young, so there is no any strict recipes.

It is rather a drink in "fusion" style, Which is the main base - coffee, a large amount of crushed ice, cold milk or water.

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