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Coffee in the Caribbean recipe

Coffee in the Caribbean recipe

Caribbean - this magic land with endless beaches of white sand, blue sky, gentle warm sea all year round, and coffee in the Caribbean, served in the best hotels in Bahamas. Coffee for this recipe is delicious in its taste and it is very simple prepare. Let's try this sunny drink.

Coffee recipe in the Caribbean

We need The Following ingredients per 1 serving:

ground coffee - 4 h x.

Orange peel - 0. 5 h L .;

vanilla sugar - 0. 5 h l ..

Cinnamon - a quarter of a teaspoon;

ground cloves - 1/8 tsp ;.

filtered water - 250 ml.


Pour in Turk-ground coffee, grated orange peel, cloves, cinnamon, and vanilla sugar.

Cover with cold water and put on a small fire. Bring to a boil it is not Necessary, wait until the bubbles and foam coffee facelift. After That, remove from heat until foaming did not fall.

Repeat the process 2 more times.

Pour the finished drink into a cup. If you love the sweet, add sugar to taste

You can add some fun to the taste of coffee, adding milk and delicate flavor with a hint of coconut. It's for this, put in a cup of coffee with whipped cream and sprinkle with finely grated coconut.

How to Make the Caribbean Coffee Mixed Drink


Caribbean spiced coffee