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Coffee machine Expobar Brilliance

Coffee machine Expobar Brilliance

Unique automatic coffee machine Expobar Brilliance, is a kind of a fully automated coffee machine, Which can prepare cappuccino, espresso, latte, chocolate, macchiato, etc ... In this integrated coffee machine coffee grinder, the presence of Which leads to the beverage from freshly saturated grains, can adjust the degree of the grinding. To get a cup of coffee without much effort, just the touch of a button. Technique will do everything itself: grinds grain, serving form, and then submits the coffee.

The whole process of preparing and ready coffee is from 30 to 40 seconds.

To this type of coffee - espresso, Which has one of complicated mechanisms for heating the water and the feed pressure, Which Will Provide a delicious coffee with a pleasant aroma.

From the tank the water or steam, heated to a temperature of about 95 ° C and high pressure of 15 bar begins to enter the dispensing group and passes through the crushed grain. The number of cups prepared Simultaneously a number of dispensing groups.

Heating water takes place in the pipe wall - heat exchanger Which is situated inside the boiler. Boiler - is a boiler where the water is heated by electric heat elements made of steel or copper. That Prevent boiling, need to Increase the pressure in the vessel.

Water is preheated in a boiler for coffee is not good, but it is Necessary for some features. In order that the Maintain a constant temperature inside the boiler, heat sensors integrated externally That control the heating elements.

Expobar Brilliance is very functional and comfortable coffee - machine, Which has a relatively small size. In this machine can be controlled fortress brewed coffee, coffee adjust the temperature, adjust the dose of hot water, has a pre-wetting function. This model has automatic water filling has 2 large capacity for ingredients used, one of them - the bean container at the 2 kg. And a filter for the coffee machine water is present.

There is also a display.

Coffeemakers Expobar Brilliance Advantages are:

The beverage stored caffeine and essential oils, since grind grain before cooking;

It is very convenient to use both at home and in the office, there is no need for special skills;

It has a small size;

You can prepare two cups of coffee at the same time;

You can connect to the water supply.

Deficiencies in Expobar Brilliance less than the Advantages are: relatively high price and the fact That the coffee machine at the request of the Means Necessary preventive cleaning and decalcification of hydraulic system from deposits.

If the analyze this coffee maker, you can Conclude That it is very simple, practical to use and meets almost all customer Requirements. It is suitable for both home and work. This coffee maker combines price and quality.

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