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Coffee recipe to Sofi Loren

Coffee recipe to Sofi LorenIt is difficult to find someone who would not admire this Italian temperamental, Which is maddening crowds of fans literally decades. Surprisingly, among its admirers were Considered not only men - Their despite the sometimes provocative way she skillfully conquered and won the trust and women. Today we'll show you how to make coffee for her favorite recipe, Which she half-jokingly, half-seriously called "love potion".

The actress, meanwhile, argued seriously That it is this - the best (! And checked) the Means by which you can really fall in love with just anyone, when you want to order. The secret lies not only in one of the main ingredients - cardamom - but also in the process of cooking.

So, for a cup, you will need:

1 - 2 grain cardamom

a little cinnamon

Sugar to taste (of course, for whom coffee is!)

Clove bud dry

Turk pour into water and heat until the start until the first small bubbles Appear. After That, reduce the heat as much as possible, pour in Turk coffee and stir gently with a spoon.

There, in a drink, just add the cardamom seeds, cloves, sugar and cinnamon. When to add spices - can again mix everything again, but you can just gently shake the contents of the Turks.

Keep drink until very low heat until it begins slowly it rise foam. You need not give coffee to boil - periodically and will raise a Turk on fire, So THAT it kept pace with the bottom to cool slightly. Raised and lowered at the Turk Necessary fire several times, then set aside the Turk from the heat and let it brew coffee a little, it is enough to a few minutes.

All the coffee that you 'fall in love with anyone ready, it remains only a pour it into the cup and serve appropriate Return.


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