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Coffee scrub cellulite

Coffee scrub cellulite

Not long ago, I went for a massage with burning body wraps that help fight cellulite and the conversation with the masseuse. That it was found burning any body wraps, scrubs and wraps cause blood flow, Which in turn is good for the skin, metabolic and very detrimental is cellulite deposits. So I did not think twice, adding to the pleasant little pungency, a coffee aroma and received an excellent soft and gentle scrub That not only helps to get a better look, but it is a pleasant and fragrant beginning of a new day.

You too will love the coffee cosmetics, Which not only gives a great effect, but also uplifting.

the need for a scrub:

- ground coffee - 50 c;.

- sea ​​salt - 20 c;.

- Olive oil - 10 ml;

- burning pepper - 1 pc.

Pepper finely chopped and put in oil. Do not remove the seeds from the peppers, then the anti-cellulite scrub of coffee will be hot.

If you do not have fresh chili, it is possible that the replace it with dried, because he, too, can give the oil sharpness.

Leave infuse oil is at least one hour at room temperature, and better night.

Coffee beans can be taken home and grind to the consistency of That Which is right for you. The degree of grinding is determined individually and empirically. When I fell in love with coffee scrubs, I liked the coarser, I thoroughly rubbed them every morning in the shower until I noticed that the skin begins this rapidly coarsen and become contaminated.

Now I prefer to fine grinding every day (or every other day, if you have dry skin is prone irritation) and coarser every month and only That Those parts require very careful peeling.

By the way, the effect of significantly Strengthened scrub if it combined with body wraps, using the coffee mixture with paprika.

Strain the oil and pour it into the coffee, add to the same sea salt and stir.

Remove the mixture in a dark place at room temperature for a day. When the coffee scrub cellulite infusion, store it in the refrigerator.

I Hope that this recipe will Diversify your cosmetics and you'll be pleased.

And also suggest you use a facial scrub of coffee grounds, Which is suitable for all skin types.

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