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Coffee scrub mask for dry skin

Coffee scrub mask for dry skin

Permanently we can preserve youth and beauty of our skin if we take care of it regularly. This can help as cosmetics, bought at the pharmacy, or specialty store, and made by hand out of scrap components. Masks, home-cooked preferable because of Their naturalness.

And if you are the owner of dry skin, the best coffee you will not find a mask.


- ground coffee - 4 tbsp. spoons;

- sugar - 1 tbsp. a spoon;

- Powdered cinnamon - 1 tbsp. a spoon;

- Salt - 1 st. A spoon.

For the preparation of the coffee scrub masks need only organic coffee, instant does not work. You can buy already ground coffee or grind to make Their Own.

In our brew coffee in Turku or a glass (you can just pour a small amount of boiling water), drink or filter, in order to get the coffee grounds. Since it is the basic component of our future coffee-skrasba mask for the face.

In a container of coffee grounds add a spoonful of salt (it is better not to take small and large), as well as sugar.

Then it is Necessary pour it into the mixture of ground cinnamon spoon.

Thoroughly mix all ingredients mask of coffee grounds between them until smooth.

The Resulting mush apply on your face, briefly massage the skin with gentle, circular movements. Hold the mask for about the minutes and then wash with warm water.

This tool is ideal for dry skin, it Promotes exfoliation, deep hydration and nutrition. Use a scrub-mask can be 2-3 times a week, not more. By the way, Remember That a little coffee stain skin, so do not overdo mask scrub of coffee grounds.

If you prefer to enjoy the natural beauty and caring Means you can make an effective mix of wraps of coffee and paprika.

Be beautiful!

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