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Coffee with chocolate recipe

Coffee with chocolate recipe



instant coffee

maple syrup

iris kis kis (5 candies)

Chocolate milk ( "Alyonka" or "Alpengold")

whipped cream "Classic"

The first portion of milk, 1/3 cup, boil for the Turk minutes. A second portion, too, 1/3 cup, boil in Turku seven or eight minutes. The first 1/3 cup Diluted with three tablespoons of cocoa. Other dilute 1/3 cup with two tablespoons of instant coffee. Iris Keys Keys (five candy) it melt in a saucepan with three tablespoons of milk.

Pour the cocoa and instant coffee in a glass, add to two tablespoons of maple syrup. Melt in a pan 15 squares of milk chocolate with three tablespoons of milk. Pour cream Iris Key Keys in instant coffee, add cocoa.

"Classical" complement whipped cream on top. Insert a tube into the coffee.

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