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Coffee with cinnamon – recipes and the use of Which evoke passion

Coffee with cinnamon - recipes and the use of Which evoke passionFrench prized recipes of coffee with cinnamon for an amazing taste and the magic effect on health. Lovers who want to Permanently keep the passion in a relationship, it was recommended to drink this drink after every stormy night.

Merchants of bringing the countries of the Far East elite varieties of coffee, assured - only cinnamon spice is capable of all the worthy complement torpky taste of the drink. Ground cinnamon soothes excessive bitterness, making it more tender and soft.

The use of coffee with cinnamon

Medieval doctors advised many patients drink coffee with cinnamon on a daily basis. Particularly evident you use for people who suffer from overweight or having poor health. That it was thought the spice "warms up" the blood and Improves appetite.

Modern medicine Claims That it sticks CONTAIN That antioxidants kill microbes and removed from the body of harmful substances.

Coffee and cinnamon for weight loss

Coffee with the addition of spices can be attributed to the dietary product. Coffee - excites, cinnamon - clears. The Therefore, nutritionists recommend drinking a drink with cinnamon for weight loss. Enough to drink one cup twice a day (morning and afternoon) successfully adjust it with the help of metabolism.

That it proved cinnamon reduces cravings for sweets. If you eat a cup of coffee with this spice in the afternoon instead of the dessert, the desire to eat will be gone until the evening meal.

Of course, a strict diet and exercise, a cup of coffee will not be able replace it. But it will accelerate the process of digestion and help excretion of toxins the body. Cook drink can on any prescription, but will have to dispense with the addition of sugar and cream.

People unable to endure the bitter taste too, you can use honey.

How to prepare coffee with cinnamon

Recipes May be quite varied. Cinnamon is used to soften the taste of coffee. The spice can be used in two types - rods and powder. The sticks are more expensive, but they can be brewed several times (about 5-6 times) and they do not give the precipitate in the bottom of the cup.

Ground cinnamon often used in conjunction with the soluble coffee. Recipes include the use of elite varieties of coffee beans - milled by hand and properly brewed in Turku. Consider the most delicious of them.

arabic recipe

Coffee in Europe stuck under the influence of Turks and Arabs. The Therefore, the traditional way of cooking is Considered to be Arabic. Portion for one person: Mix .. 1.5 tsp ground coffee, and 0.5 hours. l. Cinnamon, the mixture was Diluted with 125 ml of spring water (can be filtered) and add sugar to taste. Coffee simmered bring to the boil. As soon begins a form of foam, Turk, remove from fire and give the drink a "lie down."

Half of the coffee is poured into the cup. The remaining part is again brought to a boil and you poured to the first portion that forms a top-aromatic foam.

Recipe with cloves and alcohol

This recipe is suitable for friendly meetings. If gathered a large group of friends, for the convenience of preparing a large amount of beverage can even make coffee in a saucepan. They prepare this portion will need:

brewed coffee - 1 cup;

Cloves - 2 pcs;

any liquor (one can take a coffee) - 15 ml;

cinnamon pinch;

ice - 3 - 4 dice;

sugar to taste.

PrigotovlenieGotovim familiar way of coffee, add sugar and cloves. Now the drink is Necessary to insist at least 30 minutes before serving, add the liqueur, ice and cinnamon.

Coffee prepared in this way is desirable to drink the cooled and well-infused.

Coffee with milk and cinnamon

Angielski ladies thought black coffee drink too rough. Soften the "black" image helped aromatic white milk and cinnamon. Prepare milk coffee "cocktail" quite simple: advance harvested "brown milk." In 150 ml of milk are added, they stick of cinnamon. I simmered it was boiled for 5 minutes.

When the milk foam is removed from the heat and allow to cool slightly. Then heated again - for the kitchen begins to spread spicy aroma of cinnamon and the sweet smell of warm milk. A teaspoon ground coffee is brewed in 120 ml of water (conventional method), sugar is added to taste. When the drink is ready, it is poured into a cup and add the top "brown milk."

Cinnamon sticks can be used as an additional decoration. Then it does not throw out and brew a few more times.

Coffee with cinnamon and honey

This recipe is suitable for use at any time of the year. On one portion will need:

ready coffee - 250 ml;

pinch cinnamon powder;

. Med - 1 tsp;

cream or ice cream to taste.

Preparation of ready-warm coffee, add the honey, then cream or ice-cream ball. Top pritrusite cinnamon powder. The beverage is ready.

Christmas recipes

The most fabulous recipe is Considered the American version. The drink add citrus zest (orange, tangerine or lemon). You can purchase a citrus Dried powder in a supermarket or the peel of various citrus cut and dry yourself at home.

 How to brew coffee for Christmas recipes need for one portion: Mix several kinds of zest together in a ratio of 1: 1. Take one teaspoon of the mixture. Pour a glass of water and heated it boiling. Then remove from heat and let stand for 5 minutes.

The infusion of citrus is added 1 hr. L. ground coffee, 0.5 hr. l. cinnamon and nutmeg a little. Coffee is brewed on a very low heat for 5-7 minutes. The beverage is ready.

You can have fun.

Iced coffee with cinnamon

This option is perfect for a hot summer day. On one portion will need:

ready coffee - 200 ml;

ice - cubes 3-4;

cinnamon - 1 stick;

sugar, cream or ice cream to taste.

PrigotovlenieSvarennym coffee pour the cinnamon stick and leave to infuse for an hour. If there is no stick, you can use a powder. Then add the sugar, cream or ice cream.

 Then throw ice cubes. Choose any recipe to your taste. And have the pleasure of drinking coffee with cinnamon. Remember that you 'should not use more than 1 teaspoon of cinnamon a day, so as not to harm health.

Everything is good in moderation. Why useful cinnamon. Videos of transmission # 171; # 187 Live Healthy !;


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