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Coffee with ginger and cardamom

Coffee with ginger and cardamom

This kind of variation of coffee, brewed in Turku with spices. Along with the pleasant bitterness of ginger sweet aroma and flavor of cardamom create a very uncharacteristic combination of coffee - soothing. Generally describes a cooking process with step by step photos.

For the preparation we need 300 ml of water:

- freshly ground coffee - 3 tsp ..;

- ginger powder - 1 tsp ..;

- Cardamom - 4-5 pips;

- sugar -. 1 tsp.

The first thing, of course, collect all the Necessary ingredients to make coffee with ginger and cardamom.

Then smalyvaem coffee, preferably somewhere in the small-medium, but smaller is better.

Then, in Turku, pour some water and lay the cardamom. We send Turk on fire and bring to a boil. A couple of minutes and you can pokipyatit.

Then, remove the Turk from the heat and lay the coffee

then sugar

Finally, ginger and mix well

After That, pour the water and send it into the fire. Preparing coffee with cardamom and ginger, in principle, the traditional way: bring to a boil, but do not boil, and remove from the heat and give the brew for a few minutes.

That's basically everything - coffee with ginger and cardamom ready. Pour coffee into cups with aromatic spices (preferably Simultaneously straining) and enjoy an interesting combination of taste and aroma. If it seems too strong ginger flavor, it is possible that soften his cream, which I successfully did.

Bon kofepitiya.

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