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Coffee with gooseberries and ginger

Coffee with gooseberries and ginger

Connoisseurs of ginger coffee will appreciate this recipe. Prepare yourself and treat your friends.

They prepare this portion will need:

- ground coffee - 1/2 tsp ..;

- gooseberries - 3-4 berries;

- ginger powder - 1/3 tsp ..

Starting to make coffee with gooseberries and ginger with that pour into the Turk-ground coffee.

Next, turn the gooseberry, which is better a little trample. Also, you will certainly want to taste coffee with gooseberries and vanilla.

Pour finally ground ginger, pour in the water, stir and put Turk on fire. Bring to a boil and remove from heat.

Filter to make coffee with ginger and gooseberry in a cup and serve.

And even offer to cook Strawberry coffee with ginger.

Bon kofepitiya!

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