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Coffee with honey, cinnamon and ice cream

Coffee with honey, cinnamon and ice cream

Do you want a recipe for a good day? Start Service. . . Well, better not start at all. Ignore it. Let the body to wake up when he wants. He wakes up, surprised, overjoyed.

There is? Now stretch. Yes, as a child - as if my mother opened the door to your room, ran his hands over her back, gently asked to stand up, and you with a smile, with Which only the children wake up, stretched out his legs, his arms to the sides. . . Sweet stretch.

Certainly with pleasure, delight. The Responds to your body movements and unexpected joy energy. Catch the moment, quickly jump up and nesites in the shower. Bright, fast, powerful.

Hot-hot. Or contrast. Or a cold - all the same thing - no half-tones, no compromise and featureless tepid streams.

It is Necessary That the flow of water washed out you knocked down. Accepted? Then put on your favorite pants, a comfortable T-shirt and go to the kitchen - it is Necessary that add the final touch to the morning turned into a fairy tale, and fairy-tale morning - this is a magical day!

Honey coffee will further Top embellish the day and fill the body with positive emotions.


- 150 ml of strong coffee;

- 1 h. L. honey;

- a pinch of cinnamon;

- a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Favorite and the best way to brew black coffee. It can be in the old Turk home - that's one of copper, with the long sides unpeeled, storing history. The Turks, who enjoyed your mom.

And grandmother. My mom and grandmother likely. . . And it is possible in a brilliant machine That magic touch of a button prepares the magic drink. Or - remember! - remove from storage Geyser coffeemaker, it also can help cook good, dense, viscous elixir. You can pokoldovat in the sand. Or take a French-press.

Well, or just coffee to brew boiling water in the pot with an elegant nose proudly raised. No matter how important it is to get a drink to meet your personal standards of taste, color and aroma.

Take honey. It seems me that is the best flower - he somehow organically connected to the coffee, forming a single union, merged and cease to be a separate component. Well and with buckwheat, but this honey is behaving in a different way - a more capricious, norovito.

So, lay it in your favorite cup, pour one-third cup of coffee, stir until completely Dissolved honey, add the cinnamon, topped up with the rest of the coffee.

Put a cup of coffee with honey on a saucer, neatly spread on top of vanilla ice cream ball. And naslazhdaaaaemsya. . . Our coffee with honey, cinnamon and ice cream is ready!




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