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Coffee with ice cream Yin-Yang

Coffee with ice cream Yin-Yang

You will need:

coffee black pepper - 1 tsp;

sugar - 1 tsp;

ice cream (any suit to your taste) - 50 grams;

cream 33% fat - 2 tablespoons;

dark chocolate - about 20 grams;

powdered sugar - 1 tsp;

a pinch of salt;

a pinch of cinnamon.

cooking method

Coffee with ice cream Yin-Yang
The first thing to make coffee. It is to this, the Turk, heat over medium heat, add salt to it, a spoonful of sugar and a special coffee for the Turks (he is more finely ground). Mix all the ingredients and put on fire.

From the Turks with cooking in her coffee can not move away for a moment! "Run away" otherwise. Carefully look over the process, when there will be a dense foam, very carefully remove it and remove the cup.

Now remove the Turk from the heat and wait for the foam Settles, and then heated again this foam appearance. Again, remove from heat and pour the coffee in a little cold water (a teaspoon) to the coffee quickly settled. Turk remove from coffee to the side and give cool.

While our coffee cools, whisk the cream. It is easier whipped cream in a solid foam, That the tools we need for this (corolla, cup), and the cream itself must first be properly cooled. Then pour into the cream with icing sugar and whisk or the whisk them to a mixer until thick foam.

Serve on the table.

Take a tall glass or a wine glass, put a spoonful of ice cream by gently pouring cold coffee, the top - two or three spoons of whipped cream, lightly sprinkle them with cinnamon and grated chocolate. We put in a glass tube and bon appetit!

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