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Coffee with kumquat

Coffee with kumquat

A wonderful taste of this drink with a citrus flavor and aroma will be remembered for many, and is sure to become someone else's drink.

For the preparation of the per serving is required:

- ground coffee - 1/2 tsp ..;

- kumquat - 1 pc. ;

- water - 100 ml. ;

- sugar - to taste.

To begin, prepare the ingredients for the recipe of coffee with kumquat. Smalyvaem coffee than the smaller, the better, and cut the kumquats in half and extract the seeds.

Next, lay the coffee in Turku based on personal preferences. To learn how to make coffee in Turku, you can read in our article.

Following kumquats ship in Turk and pour water. Mix thoroughly and send coffee with kumquat on fire. Bring to a boil, but do not boil and Immediately remove from heat and give the brew for a few minutes.

Next in the Ready kumkvatovy filter coffee cups and serve.

If you like the combination of coffee with juicy berries and fruit, then we offer you to cook a cold cherry coffee.

Bon kofepitiya!

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