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Coffee with strawberries and ginger

Coffee with strawberries and ginger

Very interesting taste turns in such a drink. Ginger coffee lovers will appreciate this option.

They prepare this portion will need:

- ground coffee - 2 tsp ..;

- Strawberry - 2 berries;

- ginger powder - 1/4 tsp ..

Let's start making coffee with strawberries and ginger with filling in the Necessary amount of Turk-ground coffee.

Ginger should be sent. It is not Necessary to go this far, it's no coffee will be bitter too. If you like drinks with that piquant spice, do not miss the opportunity to treat yourself to a delicious coffee cherries, and ginger.

Coffee with strawberries and ginger
Now we lay the washed strawberries, pour water and put Turk on fire. After boiling strawberry coffee with ginger Immediately remove from heat Turk.

Ready coffee with ginger and strawberries in the filter into cups and serve.

Also, you probably interested in making coffee with strawberries and amaretto.

Bon kofepitiya!

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