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Coffees, Their classification and designation

Coffees, Their classification and designationThere are over 90 species of plants That belong to the genus of coffee. Some of them are natural hybrids or mutants. They vary in taste, flavor, shape and chemical composition of the grains.

These properties Affect the climate of growing, harvesting and processing technology.


In industrial scale uses basically two of them - is Arabica and robusta (coffee Congolese). They are Considered the best coffees. In total, they account for 98% of global production of 70% and 30% respectively.

Read more about them read the article # 171; The difference between Arabica Robusta # 187; and # 171; Table characteristics of Robusta and Arabica # 171;. In turn, they are divided into grades, too, depending on:

grain quality

Country of origin

commercial name

ownership, where the coffee was grown

areas where coffee is grown

port of delivery

subspecies coffee tree (Typica, Bourbon, and so on. d.)

The national system of classification of the country of production

All the green coffee varieties can be divided into three groups

African varieties: Kenyan, Ethiopian, Guinean and Zambian coffee

Asian varieties: Yemeni, Indian, Vietnamese and Indonesian coffee

American varieties: Costa Rican, Colombian, Cuban and Brazilian coffee 

Classification coffee quality

And - and higher quality;

B - average quality;

C low quality.

Or other valid and such a designation:

AA - the best coffee;

AB - good coffee;

BA - coffee of average quality;
Coffees, Their classification and designation
BB - poor quality coffee.

Different countries use Their Own classification and designation of coffee quality. Some coffees are processed manually. Ie staff manually sorts coffee beans, removing foreign bodies or defective grain. As a result, this coffee put the CE mark:

EP (European preparation) - European training, Which allows you to delete up to 8 defects in 300g grain.

AP (American preparation) - American training, Which allows you remove it up to 23 defects in 300 grams of grain.

Classification of coffee at the place of growth

SHG (Strictly High Grown) - coffee grown in the mountains;

HG (High Grown) - grown in the foothills;

CS (Central Standard) or MG (Medium Grown) - grown in the plains.

Classification grain hardness

SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) - very strong;

HB (Hard Bean) - solid grain.

Recently gaining coffee on the label, Which can be found marking «Organic coffees" (organic coffee). This Means That the coffee is grown without the use of any chemicals.

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For the Couple That Was Fighting at the Coffee Shop