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Coloring hair at home in 12 steps. How to perform coloration CORRECTLY?

Coloring hair at home in 12 steps. How to perform coloration CORRECTLY?Coloring hair at home in 12 steps. How to perform coloration CORRECTLY?

Self-coloring hair It has many advantages With - it is fast, convenient and affordable, and preparations for home coloring are getting better. However, the effect was so perfect, you have to perform surgery with his head. How to dye your hair yourself? 12 best to stick it reliable clues that the perfect coloring.

Coloring hair at home has a lot to cover, but sometimes risky. Follow the Basic Principles of coloring it Achieve the desired effect.

Home colorization It is an economical solution and requires less time than coloring the hair salon. If you want to save money on a visit to the hairdresser, you can dye your hair at home by yourself or with the help of another person. The key to success in home coloring is choosing the right color, after Which the position will not change the hair tint, as well as coloring technique allows That is Obtain a uniform color.

Properly made colorization is faster, cheaper and does not damage the hair. Remember, if you do not feel up to it, do not take chances. Fatal and non-uniform color will require the intervention of a barber, and this damage difficult to remove.

1. Select a color to paint skin and natural hair color

Choose your best color. New hair color and skin adjust to the natural hair color. This Provides the effect of changing the original color tones to 2-3. If, like most Polish women are cool blonde or brown hair with light, porcelain complexion, choose shades of cool colors - gray and platinum blonde, mahogany, black with a hint? Violet. If you have a warm skin tone complexion, cream-beige or peach, reach for the hot paint color gamut - golden blonde, honey, copper, golden brown.

  • Avoid shades highlighting imperfections, for example. Reds are not good with visible blood vessels, and the warm sand blonde with gray, tired skin.

2. Select the type of paint because of its durability and properties

Decide on the type of paint. The formula determines because of the color fastness. If you just want to surprise your friends for a while extravagant color of hair, reach for szamponetkę. It does not contain ammonia, so the pigments do not penetrate to the interior of the hair, '' stick to '' go outside and wash the head after 6-8 washes.

they are more durable shampoos creams and coloring - the effect lasts for up to 28 wash (or 6-8 weeks). Such preparations can lighten or darken the hair of 1-2 tons and single cover White hair. Color washes evenly, so there is no regrowth.

A more radical change in the color gray coverage and allow the paint durable, because they CONTAIN ammonia, Which strongly deviates scales of the hair, the pigments to be able it penetrate to the interior. They do not wash when washing, but there are suckers.

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3. Regenerate and prepare the hair coloring

First regenerate damaged hair, otherwise the paint will not penetrate unevenly. Need to Strengthen the structure of the hair, smooth and moisten them Their scales. Then, you select the best coloring shampoo or cream coloring. Although not give so durable as paint color, but because of the low levels of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide will be much safer for hair.

4. Try cosmetic - to the test allergic

Manufacturers often change paint ingredients, so even if you have not you had any allergies, better test;. If it is successful, but during the application preparation will initially irritated skin - a natural reaction, Which does not have to bother. However, if the burning persists or even escalates, then quickly wash off the paint.

5. Secure hair against chemical ingredients

Do not wash your hair before, best even for 2-3 days before coloration. Then produce a natural lipid layer, Which protects the hair and scalp from aggressive action of chemical components of paint.

6. Use reasonable mix of colors

Carefully mix colors. If you want to get your own unique color, you can mix 2 or even 3 of paint, but should be products of the same colors and the same manufacturer. However, it is always a risky venture, and better use ready-made paints, Which are a professional mix of the base color and the intensive fashionable tone.

7. Use the paint Immediately after mixing

Able to perform this surgery. Immediately after use paint mixing, because the reaction on contact with the oxidant dye molecules Occurs rapidly. If you do not nałożysz it within 5-10 minutes, the small paint not work well.

For long hair, you should prepare a 2 pack preparation. If some paint, discard it - do not put off for later, because I will not be unfit for use.

Good to know

Coloring hair during menstruation

You can dye your hair during menstruation, it does not matter and has no effect on health. During menstruation, however, small you notice that your skin is more sensitive and paint can irritate the Therefore it harder than usual. During this period also changes the level of sensitivity it smells, so coloring for some women is unbearable.

During menstruation, the body temperature is changed (is Increased), and this small Affect the time of dyeing. There is however no medical contraindications are dye hair during menstruation. Possible unpleasant sensations are an individual matter of each woman.

Coloring hair at home in 12 steps. How to perform coloration CORRECTLY?

8. Do not overheat during hair coloring

Like do not cover hair covered with paint. If you wear on your head, for example. Folic cap, the preparation will not be able oxidize it, and it is a condition Necessary That is the ensure the correct chemical reaction occurred. When you wrap a warm towel head, a small elevated temperatures result in the acceleration of chemical reactions and bring a different effect than oczekiwałaś.

9. Watch your time coloring

Occurs in hair coloring stages. If too fast Rinse preparation, you find small That the hair has a surprising (eg. Greenish) color, the color is located unevenly or not at all visible. When they held the paint, you can destroy the hair and irritate the scalp.

10. Give your hair extra care

Do not forget about the location conditioners. Such a formulation, more condensed than supplements used every day, it is now attached each color. It is the intended to close off the scales of the hair after the treatment ended, and smooth them Prevent the leaching of color. So THAT worked even better, you can cover its head Imposition of plastic cap and wrap heated towel - warm nutrient ingredients penetrate deeper. sometimes package conditioner It is designed to be used several times (after a week and two), as well as preparation refreshes hair color.

Good to know

How to cover gray hair?

White hair is devoid of natural hair dye (melanin). But the keratin coating is so thick That it is difficult to artificial pigments that penetrate through it. That's why the best home dyeing gray paints are durable, Which CONTAIN enough ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, the defeat of the keratin sheath. Top coloring gray hair stylist delegate.

11. Leave the coloring effect of longer

Take care about the color. In order that prolong the effect of coloring, use cosmetics designed for colored hair. Such shampoos, conditioners, and styling agents compris UV filters and other specific ingredients, That so the color is more stable. However, as the least likely to use an anti-dandruff shampoos, because the surface lightly rub the hair, Which makes it after a few washes the color fade and tarnish. So for a deep cleansing shampoo That Removes the remnants of hair styling.

  • Require special treatment bleached hair, because they have a tendency is yellow. Cosmetics for blonde hair pigments CONTAIN That Prevent yellowing color and polishing components and illuminating. If, despite the use Appears Their unwanted yellow tinge, you should reach for a special shampoo or lotion purple hair noble restoring blonde.

12. Take care of your hair after coloring

Remember regeneration. After dyeing hair can be desiccated and more brittle, so it is important to provide your them with moisturizers and restore flexibility. Nutrients are not enough - once a week, put intensively regenerating mask glycerine, panthenol, Vitamin E, nutritional oils and plant extracts.

Apply preparation on the entire length of the hair, massaging it carefully especially in the tip, bridge Which have a tendency is splitting and breaking. Effectively worked so, you can wrap a warm towel head, because then slit the hair cuticles and regenerating substances penetrate more easily and deeper.

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