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Coloring hair during pregnancy – is it safe?

Coloring hair during pregnancy - is it safe?Coloring hair during pregnancy - is it safe?

Hair coloring in pregnancy still seems controversial topic, although not confirmed the impact of modern paints used on the health of the woman and the fetus. However, it is during pregnancy, reduce exposure are chemicals, Including Those That are part of paint.

Hair coloring in pregnancy can be harmful to the future we have. If you decide on a treatment, take into account all precautions and choose safe hair dyes.

Pregnancy is a special condition during which you should carefully Consider and study for many health Decisions about diet, beauty treatments and other activities. Hair coloring in pregnancy, Particularly by Means of paint based on chemical agents, it is the subject still requires complex research completely exclude possible harm dry treatment. Similar Concerns you have small as well when it comes to permanent wave, Which also uses strong chemical agents.

Coloring hair during pregnancy - is it harmful?

The main point in the discussion on the dangers of hair dye during pregnancy is the presence of ammonia and other chemicals in paints. Ammonia is a chemical compound widely used in industry, in high concentrations is toxic and irritates the skin and mucous membranes. However, in hair dyes are the small amounts, while in the cosmetics industry there is a tendency that reduce the amount thereof in products or replace it by Other Means.

ammonia It aims rozpulchnić hair and open its scales So THAT the pigment can penetrate Permanently in its interior. It is the characteristic odor of ammonia is perceptible in the hair dye and can cause unpleasant feelings, especially in pregnant women. Minimal amounts of ammonia, Which are inhaled, they should not, however, constitute a real threat to the mother and the child.

Paint without ammonia, They are Formulated another substance - monoethylamine (MEA), Which in high concentrations also is toxic and irritating. So if you prefer to play safe, you should follow the Principles of prudence in the dyeing of hair. Similar dilemmas small Involve surgery perm. It is not advisable for pregnant women, due to the strong chemicals used in the procedure, they can irritate the woman and cause malaise, eg. Nausea or dizziness. In addition, measures are highly allergenic.

  • Avoid the use of hair dye, if you notice that the scalp had become oversensitive or Directly Appeared on the skin irritation, sores. Ammonia certainly exacerbate changes in the skin, can also cause severe burning. In this case, before the dyeing, we should be treated any irritation and is the ensure good skin condition.

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Hair treatments for pregnant women

Coloring hair during pregnancy - is it safe?During pregnancy, we can go to a professional salon hair care. Not harm us masks, conditioners and oils, Which can significantly improve the condition of hair. Safe is also keratin hair straightening, Which Enhances Their structure and facilitates the stacking.

How to safely dye your hair during pregnancy?

If you depend on getting rid of suckers or gray coverage, better to go to the living room. Dealers must be well ventilated, staff working there must not be exposed is prolonged inhalation of ammonia and other substances, as customers are less exposed is unpleasant, irritating odor.

Hair coloring is discouraged in the first trimester of pregnancy.

The fact that you 'are pregnant, you need to anticipate the barber, who will choose the paint with a minimum content of ammonia. It is the bridge shorten the time of exposure to paint - eg. Instead of dye all the hair, choose a cover only reflections or suckers. Also ask for a window seat or a well ventilated as it minimize odors.

Barber should minimize the time of dyeing limited Necessary treatment is dry. Regrowth coverage. This will reduce the Possibility of skin irritation and allergic reactions, Which in pregnancy is more likely, because then the skin is much more sensitive than usual.

  • If you want to perform coloration at home, remember most of all about the gloves and adequate ventilation of the room in which you dye your hair. There is another contraindication is a delicate dye hair during pregnancy - hair can react differently than usual, and the effects of the treatment can not be fully predicted. Although this is not a health hazard, but Effectively mismatched color can spoil the mood.


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