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Cosmetics for acne. What do you use for the care of skin with acne and seborrhea?

Cosmetics for acne. What do you use for the care of skin with acne and seborrhea?Cosmetics for acne. What do you use for the care of skin with acne and seborrhea?

proper care acne and this oily effective treatment. Cosmetics for care problematic skin They are designed that support the treatment, amelioration of the symptoms of acne. What cosmetics best to cope with this task?

Cosmetics used in acne skin care treatment are not only hygienic, but also complementary method of treatment

Skin Care Acne and oily This procedure is not hygienic, but the support of treatment, because without it, even the drugs most relevant | acne They will not give the desired effect. Many patients often just taking care of your skin properly and using appropriate Return cosmetics enough to her condition improved significantly. However, the most important is the choice of products: milder, if skin is acne on the occasion of sensitive and is prone irritation, or stronger, containing ingredients comedolytic, or dissolving blackheads, and anti-Seborrhoeic. It is important that both the type used in cosmetics, as well as Their composition.

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Types of cosmetics for acne

Daily skin care acne and oily It has several stages. Well, if all they come from cosmetics line, because then Their actions are complementary. It is also important That they are used in the correct order and as many times a week as recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Cosmetics cleansing. They should be used twice a day. Their task is it remove impurities and excess sebum, Unblocking the pores, restoring the balance of bacterial normalization of sebum. For the treatment of acne and oily skin are recommended antibacterial micellar fluids, gels, washing Emulsions and is dedicated this type of skin. It is important that not contain alcohol, because then instead of Improving skin condition, it will irritate and desiccata.
  • Exfoliating scrubs. It should be used two or three times a week. Remove dead skin, unclog pores and narrows them.
  • Cosmetics bacteriostatic. recommended for acne zaskórnikowym and maculopapular krostkowym - must be applied morning and evening after thorough cleansing of the skin. They inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin, Which Prevents the spread of acne, in addition it exfoliate dead skin cells, unblocking pores.
  • Cosmetics for acne. What do you use for the care of skin with acne and seborrhea?

  • Tonics normalizing. We use them twice a day by applying a cream. abrasion of the skin That `s nothing aligns its pH Tightens pores and regulates sebum secretion.
  • Day creams. Their main task is a Maintain the proper management of water and fat in the epidermis. Good moisturizing cream, restoring the water balance of the skin (especially if it is desiccated because of the strong anti-acne cures or treatments), but also soothes irritations, mats, rebuild beneficial intestinal flora, reduces hyperkeratosis and regulates sebaceous glands.
  • Night creams. It contains more biologically active than the day cream. It also has some other action exfoliates the skin, Reducing acne by regulating the secretion of sebum. It smoothes the skin, evens skin tone, unblocks, cleans and Tightens pores.
  • Masks - can be used two or three times a week. Most take the form of a paste or a thick emulsion. They wither on the skin, forming a shell from Which ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, smoothing and purifying it.
  • Preparations point. Designed for use in exactly the place purulent lesions. Soothing, dry the changes, accelerate the regeneration process.


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What to look for ingredients in cosmetics for acne and seborrhea?

Cosmetics for skin with acne and seborrhea have to fulfill many different tasks Simultaneously. The Therefore, in the composition they are mostly complexes of substances not only a matting action, limiting or seborrhea, but also a moisturizing, regenerating, astringent or antiseptic. The most effective and most commonly used ingredients are:

  • Lactic acid (alpha-hydroxypropionic acid). A peeling effect, it disinfects and Prevents growth of bacteria.
  • Glycolic acid (hydroxyacetic acid). It has exfoliating - inhibits the activity of enzymes Maintaining cohesion of the corneocytes, whereby the skin is exfoliated.
  • Almond acid. Structure similar to many antibiotics exhibit strong antibacterial gently exfoliates the skin and inhibit seborrhea.
  • salicylic acid - belongs to a group of beta-hydroxy acids. A peeling effect, penetrates through the layer of sebum and penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. Lead-out wires journaled Unlocks the sebaceous glands, purified pores, reduces blackheads, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.
  • benzoyl peroxide - exfoliates the skin, cleanses the pores and reduces seborrhea, also inhibits proliferation of Propionibacterium acnes bacteria Responsible for acne.
  • retinoids - derivatives of vitamin A. Unlocks udrażniają and sebaceous glands, exfoliate the skin, inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus epidermidis and Pityrosporum ovale Propionibacterium acnes. Their effects depend on the form and concentration. In cosmetics, the most widely used non-prescription retinol palmitate, retinol and Retinaldehyde, Which have a relatively mild effect. The anti-acne ointments Prescription retinoids are more potent concentration - tretinoin (retinoic acid), isotretinoin, tazarotene, Adapalene. They are effective, but it can strongly dry out, irritate the skin and exfoliate, so in the course of treatment should be used in addition soothing and moisturizing cosmetics, Prescribed by a Dermatologist.
  • Sulfur. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, regulates sebaceous glands, shrinks pores, mats. Added to the anti-acne cosmetics are also rich in sulfur amino acids, among others, N-acetylometionina and N-acetylcysteine.
  • camphor. Anti-inflammatory and slightly peeled off, seborrhea inhibits, regulates secretion of sebum, narrows pores.
  • EFAs - essential fatty acids: Linoleic acid, linolenic, arachidonic. Modify the composition of the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis so they can Affect That the composition of the micro-organisms of the skin layer and Prevent excessive growth of bacteria Responsible for inflammation, Including pityrosporum orbicolare.
  • Kaolin - clay with strong absorbing excess sebum. It also works antibacterial, cleanses and closes the pores of the skin.
  • propolis - in its composition include flavonoids, vitamins, organic acids, proteins, enzymes, amino acids. Antiseptic, Prevents excessive seborrhea, the skin regenerates.
  • essential oils. - an antibacterial and antygrzybiczo reduce inflammation of the skin, reduce the secretion of sebum Prevents the formation of comedones. In cosmetics, skin care and acne is oily, among others, rosemary oil, lemon, bergamot, tea tree, juniper, thyme, lavender.


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