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Custom Kitchens: important Nuances

Custom Kitchens: important NuancesEvery housewife dreams of her dishes made According To individual preferences. After all, a kitchen - it is a place in the house, where we spend a lot of time: cook, eat, gather guests. I so want to here it was really cozy, beautiful, comfortable and functional.

If you stand before a choice of kitchen furniture, the want to draw your attention to the most important Nuances, Which in the future will make your life easier.

What should I look for when ordering food

It all starts with planning. Take the time to remove the exact measurements of the kitchen space, measure the distance from the window, and the gas pipe, if any, and other structures. Draw a plan.

This largely Simplifies the issue and it helps the designer accurately select the interior.

Making dishes to order leads to the optimal height for your table height. Experiment, try to chop vegetables or washing dishes at different heights surface. See how changing the position of your body, bend back, the hand position.

Notice how high you cook the most convenient and comfortable.

Lighting - an important part of the interior. And it plays both practical and aesthetic roles. Think how it would be better to highlight Certain zones of rest and work.

If you are used to do a lot of preparations, it is Necessary to provide your additional storage space, you need an extra small refrigerator or freezer. If you order bottled water, in advance, prepare a place for it.

Mentally, and it is better to arrange the terms of household appliances. Do not forget about small appliances: electric kettle, coffee maker, blender, mixer, grinder, juicer, toaster, music player and so on ..

We hope our little tips will help you create a perfect, well-equipped kitchen, Which takes into account all the functional and aesthetic needs of your family.


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