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Damaged hair and split ends. How to heal them?

Damaged hair and split ends. How to heal them?Damaged hair and split ends. How to heal them?

Splitting hair tips a cry for help and Appropriate care. yes damaged hair beige trim and nourish well. Helpful in this case would be a good hairdresser, hair nourishing oil and vitamins, as well as a properly balanced diet.

Rozdwajają hair tips due to bad diet and care. Frequent drying, and styling tips too rare undercutting result in deterioration of the hair.

Damaged hair and split ends are the result of improper hair care, frequent drying of hair, dyeing, hot styling. It all makes, that the ends are starting to be doubled up, her hair a break and literally sleeping with the head. How to deal with the storm and dry damaged hair? Is the only solution is a short haircut? Not Necessarily, here are some effective ways of splitting hair tips.

How to regenerate damaged hair?

  • regularly visiting a good hair stylist,
  • regularly moisten the hair, and using masks oiling,
  • do not jerk them during combing,
  • remember about a healthy diet,
  • Undercutting the tip regularly, even if you have long hair,
  • Reduce drying and styling hair hot.

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Hair do not like hot water and air

Never wash your hair very hot water, better will be slightly warm or lukewarm, and the final rinse, use cold water. This Causes the hair cuticles are closed, the tips and much less vulnerable this destruction. Do not dry it after washing the hair when they are still very wet, because then the more damage the dryer and the drying process takes longer.

Hair should be dried under the direction of growth, never "against the grain", a distance of at least 15 cm. Ventilation is best set to the lowest possible temperature. High temperatures will "open" the hair scales. The hair is then more likely to be damaged, and Their tip on the split. It is also time to give hair a rest from the dryer, for example. He during the holidays or at the weekend, when they're not going anywhere - and wait to dry themselves.


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Damaged hair and split ends. How to heal them?hair care

Trust the good barber

Sometimes, however, that the ends of the hair are dry it destroyed an extent That there is nothing else, as a visit to a good hair stylist, who will choose the procedure and perform good cut. It will assess Whether the hair is needed radical haircut or just gently enough undercut damaged ends. The professional cut with sharp scissors Eventually will get rid of the problem.

Oils moisturize hair

Rich in vitamin E olive oil It has nourishing and regenerating properties. Perfectly moisturize, and nourish your hair nabłyszczy and properly moisturized and greased, will be less susceptible to damage. Once a week, apply the heated oil on damaged hair ends and wrap them with foil and a towel. After at least 10 minutes just wash your hair with a mild shampoo. You can also wash after each drop of oil is rub the tips, without rinsing.

Not only olive oil has a beneficial effect on our hair, you can replace it available in pharmacies and drugstores oils: castor, argan or coconut - especially the latter two smooth strutting, split ends hair.


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Home mask with egg on split ends

Even our grandmothers knew that the eggs very positive effect on the health and appearance of hair. Eggs are a rich source of protein and essential fatty acids - components That can help in the fight against rozdwojonymi tips. Mask of eggs are best used regularly, eg. Once a week. Remember, too, that before applying the mask thoroughly comb the hair.

Recipe for mask: Mix egg yolk with olive oil (enough 2-3 tablespoons) and 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply the mask is damp hair. After about half an hour, rinse it and wash your hair gentle shampoo. Regularly applied mask will make the hair will be smoother and less brittle.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet

It should be remembered not just about nutrition and moisturizing hair, but also about healthy eating whole organism. Correct diets It has a beneficial effect on the state of our hair. To make them shiny and healthy should enrich Their diets with products containing large amounts of B vitamins, vitamins A, E, zinc, iron and copper. It should also Obtain a pharmacy in ready-containing dietary supplements horsetail.


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