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Diet Cocktail BODY RESET – Principles, effects, regulations

Diet Cocktail BODY RESET - Principles, effects, regulationsDiet Cocktail BODY RESET - Principles, effects, regulations
body Reset this diets, Which are based on nutritious cocktails. It helps to reset the metabolism, then it was easier to drop more weight and not gain weight. Effect? Within 15 days you can lose weight without counting calories 23 kg. Check the rules of the diet cocktail Body reset and try slimming recipes for cocktails.

Creator Diet Body Reset, trainer and nutritionist Harley Pasternak Argues That, like the computer, you need every body from time to time, reset, or reset - especially when it is running slower and starts to fail. This happens, for example. When it is exposed is constant stress and constant miracle dietami- tired and stimulants. Overweight, problems with pressure, chronic fatigue and lack of energy are some of the symptoms of his work interference. Treat a reset if the body, the metabolism begins to run smoothly again: digestive problems disappear, Improves skin condition, and the quality of sleep. And, most importantly, stocks unwanted fat will disappear faster because the work will stabilize the enzymatic and hormonal.

Body Reset diet Principles

Body Reset diet lasts 15 days and is divided into three 5-day phase.

phase I - Mainly three meals a cocktailsWhite for breakfast, lunch, red, green and dinner. You can drink a large glass (approx. 300 ml). White cocktails are prepared on the basis of fresh milk or sour or Greek yogurt, Which are rich in protein and calcium, is conducive weight loss ingredients. Red - they are full of fruit and rich in antioxidants That support the body in fighting free radicals,. Mainly green while CONSIST of vegetables, Which CONTAIN a lot of vitamins outside of fiber and are low in calories, and so perfect bedtime. In addition it cocktails during the day you can eat two crunchy snacks, providing between 100 and 180 kcal, eg. A half cup of cooked chickpeas or edamame (baby soybeans), three crackers with a teaspoon of peanut butter, a handful of sunflower or pumpkin seeds.

phase II - two main meals it cocktails, while a normal one, although a light meal, for example. Salad with poultry meat and porridge, wholemeal sandwich bread, porridge with fruit and raisins. You can also eat soup (without the addition of cream and flour), grilled and cooked fish and seafood and sushi.

phase III - Cocktail replacing only breakfast, eat two regular meals and two snacks. In addition meals and snacks this diet recommends drinking water - approx. 2 liters per day. You can add to it with fresh mint and juice of citrus. On the menu, the most desirable are: blueberries, pears, grapes, cherries, oranges, pineapples, apples, bananas, spinach, avocado, nonfat plain Greek yogurt, low-fat ricotta cheese, turkey, chicken, beef, tuna, shrimp, egg whites, almond milk and coconut, hummus, cannellini beans, red pepper, potatoes and sweet potatoes, mayonnaise, low-fat, whole wheat bread, brown rice, soba noodles.

Warning! You can eat popcorn as a snack - at one time but not more than a glass.

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Activity is essential

In each diet phase Pasternak recommends moderate exercise. However, you do not need to spend hours in the gym. While Necessarily have to go every day approx. 10 thousand. steps. To make it easier is control Their numbers, Obtain the best pedometer or install on your phone application That will measure Whether or failed to develop a recommended standard. It should also make additional changes, for example. Ride the elevator replace it walking up the stairs, bike, etc. bus. In the second phase of the diet, you can also make the so-called. circuit training: within 5-7 minutes doing vigorous exercise after the other, for example. squats with weights, fast trot, "rompers" pump. This type of training helps build muscle and kick-start the joints, inflammation and Preventing Improves insulin sensitivity, Reducing insulin resistance. It is an important way to exercise up to 20 repetitions, then rest 10 seconds and the next series.

The effects of diet Body Reset

Using the exact instructions Pasternak successfully - without counting calories - lose weight 2-3 kg. When a large overweight May be extended to a third phase of the diet (with a cocktail instead of a filling fed) for the next 15 days. Such a "reset" should also be used once a year, eg. In the spring, because it helps it regain energy and vitality after winter. The biggest benefit - as promised in the famous coach - Permanently is accelerated metabolism and the lack of a yo-yo effect. Diet-based cocktails Provide more fresh fruits and vegetables, so it is rich in fiber, macro- and microcells in easily digestible forms. Besides well-watered. It is convenient - przegryzki cocktails and you can take with you to work. Like most short-term diets, the Body Reset has its drawbacks. It's not easy to pass Phase I, because it can Appear hunger. Unfortunately, a large amount of raw foods can cause bloating and other symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract in people with sensitive stomachs. Not everyone has endured the first days without hot meals.

Body Reset diet - recipes for cocktails


Banana smoothie with spinach and parsley - 190 kcal

Ingredients: average banana / 3/4 cup almond milk / large handful spinach / bunch parsley
Put into a blender rinsed spinach and parsley. Add the banana and oat milk. Immediately mix and drink.

Cocktail lime with amaranth - 210 kcal

Ingredients: glass Greek yogurt / Lime 02.01 / teaspoon honey / Expanded amaranth spoon / spoon oat bran
Mix yogurt with lime juice and honey, add the amaranth and industry, stir.

at lunchtime

Cocktail with carrot and beet - 200 calories

Ingredients: carrot medium / small beet / apple / ginger slice / tbsp lemon juice / teaspoon grapeseed oil
Peel the ginger and vegetables. All components zblenduj.

Cocktail raspberry-coconut

Ingredients: raspberry glass / small apple / 2 teaspoon grated coconut / s. A bit of water
Mix the raspberries with pieces of apple and sprinkle podprażonymi a dry frying pan coconut. If Necessary thinning of a small amount of water.

for supper

Cocktail with arugula, avocado, lime and kiwi - 220 kcal

Ingredients: ripe avocado / celery stalk / 2 kiwi / handful rocket / lime / honey
Ripe avocado, remove the pulp and cross-section. Kiwi and lime peel and slice. Wash the arugula and kidnap. Wash and chop the celery stalk.
Mix all ingredients. Dosłodź honey to taste.

Diet Cocktail BODY RESET - Principles, effects, regulationsCocktail with kale and parsley - 180 kcal

Ingredients: a handful of kale / a handful of lamb's lettuce / medium ripe pear / orange / pinch of red pepper
All the ingredients blend thoroughly. Cocktail sprinkle with red pepper.

Body Reset - the Provisions of the second and third phases of the diet

Cod almond - 420 kcal

Ingredients: cod fillet / spoon coconut milk / lemon 1.2 / teaspoon almond flakes / small pore / 3/4 cup cooked brown rice / pinch turmeric / salt, pepper
Cod and season, occupancy slices of lemon and cook steamed. Leek cut and stew in coconut milk with turmeric. The fish enter sprinkled with almond flakes, rice and leek.

Roasted beets with rice and cucumber sauce - 390 calories

Ingredients: average beet / 3/4 cup brown rice cooked / 1/2 cup kefir / 2 cucumbers primers / garlic clove / Sesame spoon / spoon rapeseed oil
Beet cut into slices, place on a baking sheet, drizzle with oil and bake in the oven. Kefir mix with grated cucumber and garlic squeezed. Beet slices and serve with rice and sesame seeds and cucumber sauce.

Salad with dried tomatoes and mint - 320 kcal

Ingredients: 1/4 feta / 2-dried tomatoes / 2 tbsp chopped mint / 2 tablespoons of cooked edamame (young soybean) or chickpeas / teaspoon of olive oil / red pepper / thyme
Slice the tomatoes and feta cheese, mint and add chickpeas or soybeans. Drizzle them with olive oil and season with pepper and thyme.

Omelette with smoked salmon, avocado and chives - 350 kcal

Ingredients: protein 3 / 1.2 avocado / teaspoon ricotta / slice smoked salmon / 1/2 red onion / spoon rapeseed oil / chives / salt, pepper
Peel the avocado, mash with a fork, proteins rozkłóć. Salmon cut into small strips. Peel the onion, poszatkuj feathers. All mix and season and fry in oil. Lay off the ricotta omelette, sprinkle with chives.

Hummus with bread - 360 calories

Ingredients: 3 teaspoons tahini paste / 1/2 cup canned peas / teaspoon sesame oil / sesame teaspoon black / teaspoon lemon juice / garlic clove / 2 slices of wholemeal
Tahini paste, sesame oil, garlic, lemon juice, mix slowly, adding the chickpeas. Mix with sesame seeds. Serve with wholemeal bread.


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