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DIET COPENHAGEN. Copenhagen diet Principles. What are the effects?

DIET COPENHAGEN. Copenhagen diet Principles. What are the effects?DIET COPENHAGEN. Copenhagen diet Principles. What are the effects?

Copenhagen diet Principles They are very strict, so its use is not recommended for everyone, warning against the possible Consequences. On the other hand, emphasizes the effectiveness of Copenhagen diet. Read what the Copenhagen diet rules, what effects you can expect after treatment and Whether they are worth the sacrifices used.

Copenhagen diet is not recommended by doctors and nutritionists.

Copenhagen diet It is also known as Danish diet or, due to the predetermined time of its duration, diet trzynastodniową. Generally it is believed That Copenhagen diet rules They have been developed in Denmark - at the Mayo Clinic or a Government Hospital in Copenhagen, but each of These Institutions deny Their Their involvement in creation. Diet Copenhagen is that enable Those who adhere to it, it Achieve quick results in less than two weeks - fat reduction and even loss of 7-20 kg. Copenhagen diet It is a low-calorie diet and nieskowęglowodanową. If you break up its use even for one day or one breaks the rule, you should stop using it and accede to it again, not to harm Their health, not Earlier than after 3 months. On the other hand resulted in a diet can be repeated after 2 years.

Copenhagen diet Principles

1. Do not eat more than 600-800 calories a day

The menu at the Copenhagen diet is strictly defined - it is forbidden it introduce any changes to it. Particular Depending on the day the person staying on a diet consume only 600 to 800 calories. It is not difficult to calculate, eg. Using the calculators available on the internet, that way no adult will not cover Their daily energy needs, Which, depending on the sex, weight, age is about 1500-2500 calories. The Inventors diets Copenhagen left assumed That's Achieve the effect of Reducing body fat Necessary that produce caloric deficit, that is, if the energy balance of the body is a negative - the more energy is spent than eat from the food (which is consistent with the principle of the classic dieting) while Copenhagen diet, energy supply, Which during its use delivered to the body is an average of three times less than the total daily Requirements. But this is what its creators wanted: thanks to the body that produce energy, it uses fat reserves. Remember, however, that such a Restrictive diets also lose glycogen (Belonging to the complex carbohydrates in the diet menu Copenhagen That is not at all!) And water. Losing kilos is not the Therefore Exclusively linked to the loss of body fat.

Since the founding of the Copenhagen diet are not in line with the Recommendations of the Institute of Food and Żywienia1 - the menu does not contain the recommended cereal products, the right amount of food and intervals between them (4-5 meals a day every 3 -4 hours) and the Necessary servings of vegetables and fruits, it it is recommended to use only after consulting your doctor. What's more, the Copenhagen diet does not even meet the Requirements for low-calorie diets, Formulated by the US National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases2, That Which clearly say the meals consumed daily should CONTAIN at least 800 calories.

2. Follow the diet and the duration of the rules on the timing of food intake

As mentioned, the Copenhagen diet lasts 13 days - it can not be lengthened, since this will lead to a serious shortage of vitamins and minerals, or shorten its duration, because then you do not get the expected results. Copenhagen Being on a diet every day can only eat 3 meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner. What's more, we have to eat at Certain hours, half an hour is permissible deviation from the Recommendations. And so you should eat breakfast between 8 and 9 am, lunch between 12 and 14 and dinner - between 16 and 18.

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3. Eat meals According To jadłospiem Copenhagen on a diet

Copenhagen Diet is based on limiting fats and carbohydrates (found in the menu carbohydrates is the most simple sugars rather than complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index) and its foundation are vegetables, eggs, lean meat, fruits in Limited Quantities. An important element of the Copenhagen diet is coffee, Which is expected to provide your body with the energy, but eating it on an empty stomach definitely does not help people with hypertension. For example, the first day of a diet for breakfast Copenhagen can only drink coffee with a cube of sugar, for lunch eat 1-2 eggs with a glass of spinach or broccoli and tomato, and for dinner - 200 grams of beef steak and 5 leaves of lettuce with olive oil and a touch of lemon juice. On the second day we have the same breakfast, and beef steak with 5 leaves of lettuce with olive oil and a little lemon juice and eat the fruit for lunch, while dinner is a slice of lean ham and 2-3 cups of natural yogurt. Menus of the specific day during the Copenhagen diet are repeated: THUS of the first and eighth day eat the same as in the second and ninth day, 3 and 10, 4 and 11, 5 and 12, 6 and 13, scheduled for separate menu 7.

CHECK >> The exact menu Copenhagen on a diet for 13 days

4. Avoid products prohibited during the diet Copenhagen

The stringency of the Copenhagen diet Consists in the fact That it is a forbidden consume any products other than Those listed in the menu. If you happen to have a glass of wine or any other alcohol, eat it, chew gum, treatment can be Considered to be interrupted. Also, snacking between meals is not possible.

5. During the observance of the Copenhagen diet withdraw from the sport

Although dry indication is unlikely, because healthy weight loss CONSIST of a balanced diet and physical activity, in the case of the Copenhagen diet better to abandon the latter. Not covering Their daily caloric intake and additionally burdening the body exercise even faster in bring this fatigue, malaise.

See why experts - dietician and nutritionist - reborn diets Copenhagen

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Necessarily make it

Following These rules will help you survive the Copenhagen diet

  • Daily consume two liters of water.
  • Suplementuj deficiency of vitamins (except vitamin A, Which is a lot in Copenhagen on a diet menu)
  • The dishes are monotonous, so use spices (all except salt) and herbs.
  • Coffee, you can add a pinch of cinnamon or cardamom.
  • Last meal to eat about 19.00.
  • DIET COPENHAGEN. Copenhagen diet Principles. What are the effects?

Diet Copenhagen: Who can use it?

Diet Copenhagen is designed for healthy people, and after consultation with the doctor. So strict restrictions on its application should not be surprised if we take into account the fact That the Objectives of the Copenhagen diet should limit fats, carbohydrates, and daily calorie intake. Copenhagen diet can be used by adults Whose work is not physically demanding (eg. Paperwork).

Diet Copenhagen contraindications

Because of the stringency of the Copenhagen diet is not recommended for teenagers (nutrients and calories are Necessary for Their proper development) and the elderly - it will be too demanding for them. From the diet should also benefit working people physically, regularly engage in sports, because failure to Provide adequate amounts of carbohydrates and fats be in small Their busy lifestyles harmful. Copenhagen apr diet also not be used in pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Copenhagen diet definitely can not use people with heart and kidneys, having high blood pressure, diabetes or struggling with hypoglycemia.

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Unregistered, 08/05/2017 17:01
Diet is really effective after 13 days .... I have lost 7kg hardest ... it withstand the first three days ... the first week I felt very weak .... but it was worth it! I would recommend anyone who really wants to lose weight!
It is here that I used I -> and I could not believe how my health has improved. I recommend very cool. And by the way, is a nutritionist told me: P
Unregistered, 08/01/2017 11:15
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Copenhagen Diet: Benefits

  • It allows you to lose weight very quickly.
  • Can unlearn unhealthy snacking between meals.
  • It's short.
  • No need to lay diet alone.

Diet Copenhagen defect

  • This results in a decrease in energy.
  • May cause nausea, dizziness, vomiting.
  • It is very rigorous, so its observance will feel worse.
  • Stringency Increases the risk of a yo-yo effect after its completion: the person on the diet more likely to reach for more food.
  • It is not individualized and balanced.

Effects of dietary Copenhagen

Those who used the diet Copenhagen, agree that this, they have lost due to the extra weight, but the selection of food consumed in the course of its duration is completely random, so you can not call it being on a diet Copenhagen healthy weight loss , on the contrary - its effects are deficiency of nutrients, fiber, complex carbohydrates. The person at the Copenhagen diet is tired and weakened, there is irritation Caused by a feeling of hunger between meals and too little sugar in the blood. On the other hand, too small amount of vitamins and minerals also Causes problems with complexion, hair loss, dull nails.

For These Reasons, the Copenhagen diet is not recommended by doctors and nutritionists.


1. Recommendations of the Institute of Food and Nutrition is available at:

2. Recommendations related to the use of low-calorie diets are available at: very-low--calorie diets.aspx


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