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Diet strengthens the immune system – injection of forces in the fight against infection!

Diet strengthens the immune system - injection of forces in the fight against infection!Diet strengthens the immune system - injection of forces in the fight against infection!
Proper diet strengthens immunity. It quickly deal with the infection, you need to Strengthen These areas of the body where immune cells are produced. One of them is the intestine. The Therefore, the best ally in overcoming the bacteria and virus resistance is Strengthening diets. Check out what to eat that enhance immunity.

cells immune They are scattered throughout the body. But most of them located in These regions, Which germs enter the body, Including mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. Just Permanently modify the menu is Increase the production of antibodies That protect health.

Take care of your daily dose of vitamins and minerals

importance vitamin C Increase the resistance it has been long established. It strengthens the mucous membranes and seals blood vessels, and it can not spread this pathogenic Microorganisms. It helps cleanse the body of toxins and facilitates the absorption of iron, Which distributes life-giving oxygen to all the tissues - so your body is strong and can cope better with the attack of viruses or bacteria. Remember: Stress Increases the demand for this vitamin. The human body can not store vitamin C, so you have to eat it every day, Which is a good source of her. The average person needs a day approx. 70 mg of this vitamin, but in the autumn-winter period, you can even double the dose. Such amount will Provide 10 grams of black currant fresh or frozen, kiwi fruit 30 grams, 30 grams lemons, mandarins 45 grams, 10 grams of red peppers, kale or 15 grams of 7 grams of parsley.

Stress Increases the need for vitamin C.

It is best absorbed by the human body is iron contained in animal products (absorbed approx. 25 per cent.) lean beef meat, poultry (turkey), organ meats, oily fish and eggs (the yolk). This element is also in legumes, green vegetables (broccoli, peppers, spinach, parsley), dried figs and sesame seeds. However, the iron plant absorbed only 5 percent.


Vitamin C Enhances iron absorption, so the meat liberally sprinkle with parsley and remember a large portion of pig iron. After the meal, drink a glass of orange juice or blackcurrant. Cancel while the after-dinner tea and coffee, because they limit the absorption of iron.

This Strengthen the resilience are two other important elements: zinc and copper. For producing more white blood cells (immune cells) and are more efficient. Copper and zinc, among others giftbox in fish and seafood, wątróbce calf, legumes, pumpkin seeds, eggs and soy.

That Stimulate the immune system, also need vitamin A and B vitamins Vitamin A can be found in pepper, tomato, cabbage, carrots, apricots and broccoli (and dried). It is also a rich source of dairy products and liver. Vitamin B provide you with beans, sprouts, seeds and nuts. You can find them also in fish, dairy products, poultry, beef.

Strong influence on the immune system is vitamin D. Its deficiency Increases the risk not only of infection, but also autoimmune diseases in Which the immune system attacks its own tissues, Including Type I diabetes, Hashimoto's disease, psoriasis. Vitamin D is produced in the skin under the influence of solar radiation. Unfortunately, the only skin synthesis takes place from late April is early September, and then only on sunny days. In the cold season it has no chance, at least in Poland, due to the very small angle of incidence of sunlight. The demand can be partially supplemented diets. Vitamin D is Mainly found in fish oil and fish Which We should eat at least 2 times a week. There is little in the other products of animal and plant are in negligible amounts.

Remember to drink water

Diet strengthens the immune system - injection of forces in the fight against infection!Between meals you need to drink plenty of water. Top mineral is calcium, magnesium, zinc. First dissolve harmful products of metabolism and helps remove them. Second moistens tissues, Which operate more Efficiently. Thirdly Provides the important elements for the immune system.

Enter probiotics to the diet

In the intestine of humans dwell millions of beneficial Microorganisms That protect it from poisons delivered orally. These beneficial bacteria, called probiotics, also Participate in the production among others vitamin K and B12. Unfortunately, poor nutrition (eg. Are added to food preservatives, flavor enhancers), stress, stimulants or taking antibiotics destroy probiotics, and THUS weaken the overall immunity. Why? Along with food for our body reach a variety of harmful substances, pathogenic fungi and bacteria, and is threatening diarrhea. When the natural intestinal flora is destroyed, the body for fear of dehydration send there own immune cells. Then weakening line of defense on other fronts, eg. In the throat or nose. The Therefore, if you have a tendency is diarrhea, especially you need to take care of the intestinal flora (eg. Using Appropriate preparations). Permanently enter into the probiotic diet products, namely Those Which CONTAIN live cultures of the bacteria themselves as Those present in the intestines of man. You'll find them in yoghurts, kefirach, but also pickled cucumbers and cabbage. In the autumn-winter season daily drink 2.1 liters of fermented milk drink (check Whether it contains probiotics) and eat salads with pickled vegetables.

In autumn and winter do not use weight loss diets

Those malnourished easier to catch infections. Our immune system needs for Appropriate dose of energy, or calories. The Therefore, in the autumn and winter better than to lose weight. That studies show diets less than 1,200 calories per day substantially reduces responses to the Body's Defenses. But the excess calories is equally unfavorable. It has been proven That obesity Increases the risk of infectious diseases. The researchers speculate That the proper Functioning of the immune system is important to the amount of fat contained in food. If it's too much, immune cells are less active. It's also the origin of fat. Resistance Increase oily sea fish, nuts, oils, linseed oil Primarily.

Good to know

In winter vegetables and seasonal fruit you can replace the frozen food. Properly prepared have almost the same nutritional value as fresh vegetables. The best frozen put into boiling water and cook briefly.

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