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DIET thinking and good memory: what to eat that improve brain function

DIET thinking and good memory: what to eat that improve brain functionDIET thinking and good memory: what to eat that improve brain function
Over 40 years ago, scientists have proved That there is a close relationship between mental abilities and providing the body with vitamins and minerals. THUS intellectual abilities depends on the proper diet. How to eat it improve memory and concentration? What food is good for the brain?

Impact diets he memory and concentration It is indisputable. It foods trigger mechanisms affecting hundreds of intellectual functions the brain. They Stimulate the production of enzymes, hormones and chemicals called neurotransmitters. Especially neurotransmitters play a Significant role in the processes of memory and recall. These are the chemicals needed to transmit signals between nerve cells - neurons. Without These impulses would be impossible thinking, association, acquisition of knowledge.

Diet for the brain: an important energy from complex carbohydrates

The brain constantly Receives, processes and sends millions of information. Although small (in an adult 2 per cent. Of body weight), it is very energy intensive. It consumes up to 20-25 percent. Supplied energy to the body (in utero than half!). His food are glucose and oxygen.

The brain itself uses almost half of the glucose circulating in the blood. The rest satisfies the demand of other cells, Including nerve cells for energy. No glucose and oxygen die after 10-15 minutes. A source of glucose are carbohydrates. But this does not mean that you 'should eat sugar that nourish the brain. Sugar does not require digestion - rapidly enters the blood and is a calorie bomb, and yet quite difficult for the pancreas. This is because it needs to generate a large amount of insulin is develop the amount of sugar (if the body does not need too much energy, the sugar will turn into fat reserve).

It is different from complex carbohydrates. They are found in seeds, grains, wholemeal flour (white bread wholemeal replace!) Paddy rice, groats, potatoes. Beans, lentils. Their digestion takes time. As a result, sugar is released into the blood Gradually - and the body can utilize it well. In addition, the complex carbohydrates CONTAIN a lot of fiber and vitamins and minerals Necessary for proper utilization of nutrients.

Diet for the brain: vitamins and minerals That nourish the brain?

It is especially important for the development of the mental are B vitamins and essential fatty acids (EFAs) Which are the richest source and fish oils.

  • Vitamin B, especially choline (Vitamin B4) and niacin (B3 or PP) are Responsible for the smooth Functioning of the nervous system. There are even in soybeans and just-in-bread with whole grain. Deficiency of vitamin B3 Causes, among others, memory impairment, difficulty Focusing attention and mating, insomnia. Sweets eaters and drinkers need it 2-3 times more than the norm.
    Niacin is tuna, liver, turkey meat, whole grain cereals, dry beans and peas, sunflower seeds, peanuts (they need to be properly stored - just a little bit of moisture to have been infected mushroom, Which produces highly carcinogenic toxins).
  • Lecithin It is the best source of choline needed for creation of acetylcholine - one of the neurotransmitters. This greatly Improves memory. Choline deficiency leads are drowsiness, senile dementia and memory capacity decrease. Scientists have discovered That Alzheimer's disease. Lecithin is present in peanuts, soybeans and wheat germ. It can also be Purchased at the pharmacy. Warning! Good lecithin contains more than 30 percent. phosphatidylcholine (worth checking composition).
  • Iron an oxygen carrier. It is in nuts, legumes, stone fruit, leafy vegetables, raisins. Its deficiency impairs the ability of reasoning and learning.
  • Zinc, Which larger Quantities detected in the bodies of children with outstanding intelligence, is in oysters. But no need to import them from Marseille: also abundant in pumpkin seeds.
  • DIET thinking and good memory: what to eat that improve brain function

  • Magnesium It is essential for the production of enzymes Cooperating with vitamins B6 and B1. Together in calcium helps in the conduction of neuromuscular impulses. It protects against heavy metals That damage the brain. Just as vitamin B is washed off by coffee and alcohol, and destroyed by nicotine. It is difficult to assimilate it, so try to swallow tablets.
  • potassium Improves brain oxygenation. His sources are: grapes, bananas, oranges, apricots, avocados, melons, nectarines, peaches, tomatoes and potatoes.
  • Phosphorus It Improves mood, Increases intelligence, adds vitality. It is not Necessary to us wailed memory. A lot of fish in it.
  • Linoleic acid (CLA) It is in the fat of fish and vegetable. Its absence Causes poor concentration, memory loss, apathy, and even hallucinations.

Necessarily make it

  • Try to eat every dark wholemeal bread and whole grain products (eg. Brown rice).
  • For lunch and afternoon snack eat fruit.
  • For dinner be sure to eat the salad with a mixture of fresh vegetables.
  • Do not forget about fish and vegetable fats.
  • Drink plenty of water - it helps biochemical changes in the brain.
  • Move exercise, or at least walk around! Breathe fresh air. Enrich the blood with oxygen, Which it will supply to the brain. Even the most healthy meals without Sufficient Sufficient oxygen is not smooth for the Functioning of the memory. His lack of kills brain cells That are not reborn.
  • Get enough sleep. Uninterrupted night's sleep also Ensures adequate oxygenation. During sleep, the body reaches a natural state of relaxation. Already 72 hours without sleep they destroy the brain.

That improve thinking, turn to the diet Of These products

  • Linseed, or flax seeds, are the richest source of lecithin, zinc and valuable omega-3.
  • Pumpkin contains fiber, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium, and some vitamins C and Group B. The ingredients are also valuable acids: pantothenic acid, nicotinic acid and aspartic acid. Make the mind operates at high speed, Improves memory and ability of the concentrate it. Pumpkin seeds help to remove toxins and act beneficially on the nervous system.
  • Grapes streamline the process of oxygenation of the brain and Increase the absorption of the mind. In addition it containing iron, potassium and magnesium, and a lot of vitamins, niacin Including.
  • Plums CONTAIN streamline circulation potassium, fiber helps to get rid of toxins and vitamins B1 and B3 is relieve stress and have a positive effect on the brain.
  • It should also reach the preparations of ginseng and ginkgo. And do not forget That green tea better than coffee animates.

Do not do it

  • Alcohol is one of the chemical compounds That reduce the level of intelligence.
  • Coffee (caffeine), though rapidly stimulates, in fact weakens concentration.
  • Protect yourself from tobacco smoke poisoning and heavy metals: cadmium and lead.

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MKoza, 02/15/2015 19:02
That improve memory, make sure That the body does not run out of serine. It is Necessary to work the nervous system. Improves the flow of nerve impulses and helps memory. Serine is a sunflower, eggs, almonds, meat.
Unregistered, 15/02/2015 17:55
many of you have mentioned about nuts. The Fact Is That they are healthy, not reaching women a few times a week reduces the risk of breast cancer, but it should be remembered That for such a small size That has a nut is extremely caloric, because they CONTAIN a lot of fat. The Therefore, such a council to be nuts not odjadać !!! REGARDS